Shadow Warrior 3 Character Upgrade Orb Locations Guide

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Shadow Warrior 3 Character Upgrade

Throughout Shadow Warrior 3 you have the ability to power up Lo Wang. Through these upgrades, you'll be able to take more damage, use more chi-blasts, and have the world do more damage to your enemies. In this Shadow Warrior 3 Character Upgrade Orb Locations Guide we'll tell you what each of the upgrades can do, and where to find them all scattered across the eleven levels of Shadow Warrior 3.

What can Character Upgrade Orbs be used for in Shadow Warrior 3?

From the pause screen, you'll be able to see each of Lo Wang's upgrade paths. Every skill has three different levels that require 1, 2, and 4 Upgrade Orbs respectively. The paths and upgrades are listed below:

  • Chi-Blast
    • Wide Tide - Allows more than one enemy to be hit with a Chi-Blast wave
    • Chi Regeneration - Decreases the Cooldown time for Chi-Blast Strikes
    • Tsunami - Chi-Blast can push away larger enemies as well
  • Health
    • Last Stand Shockwave - On entering Last Stand, enemies get pushed away from you
    • Health Boost - Increases your maximum health value to 125
    • Health Regeneration - Wang's special ability to gradually regain health over time
  • Resources
    • Spawn Ammo - Spawns Ammo on striking enemies with a sword
    • Spawn Health - Spawns Health on shooting or striking the enemy with a Chi-Blast
    • More Finisher Orbs - Spawns more Finisher Orbs on killing the enemies with environmental hazards
  • Explosives
    • Elemental Duration - Increases elemental damage duration of explosive barrels by 25%
    • Elemental Explosion - Enemies hit with elemental barrels, cast elemental explosion on death as well
    • Elemental Radius - Increases the effective area of all explosive barrels

Early on it's recommended to work on the Chi-Blast and Explosives trees so that you can not only have more versatility in combat, but these will also help you if you're working towards 100% Achievement/Trophy completion.

How Many Character Orbs Are In Shadow Warrior 3?

There are 28 Character Upgrade Orbs in Shadow Warrior 3. 18 of them are found in the levels below, and 10 of them from from Combat Challenges.

Where to find every Character Upgrade Orb in Shadow Warrior 3?

Level 1: The Dragon's Back

  • There are no collectible orbs in this location

Level 2: Way to Motoko (3 Character Orbs)

Shadow Warrior 3 Upgrade Orb Character Lv 2

  1. As soon as you start the level this upgrade orb will be directly in your path. This is your tutorial orb so it's impossible to miss.
  2. Continue through the level and this next upgrade orb will also be directly on your path after an arena fight. It will be at the feet of a buddha statue.
  3. Immediately after #2 you'll slide down a path and wallride to land in a platform underneath a rocky outcrop. Before continuing on to the next grapple point look to your right to see this orb hidden away.

Level 3: Motoko's Thunderdome (1 Character Orbs)

  1. After the Thunderdome battle, continue forward, there will be one more small fight and then the next upgrade orb will be directly in your path.

Level 4: That Damn Dam (2 Character Orbs)

  1. Climb up the inside of the broken tower, when you get to the top instead of exiting to the right continue inside the tower moving through barrels to the left. Follow this path to reach the Upgrade Orb.
  2. Travel through the level, past where the giant bell falls, and to the point where you're grappling up the wall and pass underneath the waterfall. Look to your left and you'll see an Upgrade Orb on a solitary plank. As you approach it three Kugutsu on balloons will spawn above it.

    Shadow Warrior 3 Character Upgrade Orb Lv 4

Level 5: Walking on Eggshells (2 Character Orbs)

  1. After the first Combat Arena, you'll do some platforming - once you reach a small wooden bridge, look up to see a grapple point. Climb up to reach the Character Orb.
  2. Defeat the enemies that lead to the bridge. After completing this arena you'll know you're in the right place because you'll need to destroy two sets of glowing roots and a drawbridge will lower. Just before you step onto the bridge look directly to your left and you'll see a third set of glowing roots. Shoot it to reveal a pathway, follow this to uncover another Upgrade Orb.

    Shadow Warrior 3 Character Upgrade Orb Lv 5

Level 6: Egg Express (2 Character Orbs)

  1. After getting back on the raft for the first time, it will fall off a waterfall - dropping Lo Wang onto a cliffside. You can grapple to move forward, but instead - turn right to head behind the waterfall and find a Character Upgrade Orb.
  2. After the third combat arena, this Character Upgrade Orb will be right in your path.

Level 7: Doomsday Device (2 Character Orbs)

  1. After facing Chef Oboru Guruma fr the first time continue along your path. You'll see a Weapon Upgrade Orb and a platform you shoot to activate. Jump across the second platform and instead of continuing to the left turn to your right and leap behind a building. Follow this path to obtain this Upgrade Orb. If you reach the third relay you've gone too far.
  2. From the third relay cannon walk down the steps behind the device to find another Upgrade Orb.

Level 8: Wayfarer's Forest (2 Character Orbs)

  1. After the first arena battle in this level continue along the path until you reach the rabbits and the Weapon Upgrade Orb in your path. Look at the trees to your right and you'll see a mushroom cap sticking out of a tree. Jump to it, and then to a path on the tree to your left to find this Upgrade Orb.

    Shadow Warrior 3 Character Upgrade Orb Lv 8
  2. After the second arena battle, this Orb will be right in your path as you grapple between trees

Level 9: The Fast and the Furry (2 Character Orbs)

  1. After the third combat arena, continue to the Weapon Upgrade in your path. Turn around and you'll see a pagoda - jump across the gap and head inside to get this upgrade orb.
  2. After collapsing the dragon statue and progressing through some ice caverns you'll find this Upgrade Orb directly in your path

Level 10: Midnight Snack (1 Character Orb)

Shadow Warrior 3 Character Upgrade Orb Lv 10

  1. Progress through the level. You'll start outside next to the Dragon, then go inside a cave, and then come back outside once more. Continue along this path until the road leads you to climb up a wall to your left, instead continue to hug the path to the right and you'll find this Upgrade Orb

Level 11: Intestinal Inspector (1 Character Orbs)

  1. After the fight at the first arena inside the dragon continue on your path. After passing by a headless buddha statue there will be two bounce pads in front of you. Continue to hug the left wall to find a new path. Follow this to reach your final Upgrade Orb. If you reach the second combat arena you've gone too far.

I am still missing Upgrade Orbs in Shadow Warrior 3?

On top of the above-listed locations for Upgrade Orbs, there are also a variety of Upgrade Orbs that you need to earn by completing certain combat challenges. Part way through the second level you'll gain access to the Challenge menu on the pause screen. Here you can see what task needs to be completed and what Upgrade Orb you'll obtain from it. 

Listed below are all of the Character Upgrade Orb Challenges:

  • Ammo Harvester - Gather 100 ammo packs
  • Dodge This! - Kill 50 enemies with Fire Barrels explosions
  • Mr. Doctor - Heal yourself by a total value of 5000 HP
  • Survivor - Kill 25 enemies while being low on health
  • Gore Tools Sensei - Kill 100 enemies using Gore Tools
  • One Punch Wang - Push away enemies with the Chi-Blast 100 times
  • Mind your Step! - Kill 10 enemies by pushing them off the ledge with the Chi-Blast
  • Face-2-Face - Kill 25 enemies shortly after using Grappling Hook on them
  • Run-and-Gun - Kill 10 enemies shortly after a wallrun
  • Debuffed - Kill 50 enemies affected by Electric and Ice Barrels

A note on the Mr. Doctor Bug - If you run into the counter not going up, go back to Menu and then load back in. This should fix it, but keep an eye on it to make sure it keeps going on.

With all of the hidden Upgrade Orbs found, and the challenge orbs earned Lo Wang will now be fully powered up!

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