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Last Update: March 1, 2022


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Lo Wang is back once again for Shadow Warrior 3 with his katana and a new array of crazy weaponry. As you travel the world facing all kinds of unique and strange enemies you'll be collecting a variety of weapons that fit every playstyle from fast and accurate pistols to devastating shuriken launchers. In this Shadow Warrior 3 Weapon Guide, we'll go over each of the weapons available, what their upgrades are, and how to make the best use of them.

What weapons are in Shadow Warrior 3?

There are seven primary weapons available to Lo Wang. They are:


  • Dragontail - Sword
  • The Outlaw - Pistol
  • Riot Gun - Shotgun
  • Sidekicks - Dual SMG
  • Crimson Bull - Grenade Launcher
  • The Basilisk - Railgun
  • Shuriken Spitter - Crossbow
  • While not a traditional weapon Lo Wang also has a Chi Push that can be used to temporarily stun enemies, or to push them into traps/off ledges

Shadow Warrior Sidekicks

When performing finishers on certain enemies you'll also gain the use of temporary weapons

  • Brain Freeze - Perform a finisher on a Kugutsu
  • Equilizer - Perform a Finisher on an Oni Hanma
  • Disco Grenade  - Perform a Finisher on a Laser Shogun
  • Penetrator - Perform a Finisher on a Mogura
  • Seeking Eye - Perform a Finisher on a Seeking Shokera
  • Swarm Launcher - Perform a Finisher on a Slinky Jakku
  • Blade of Hattori - Perform a Finisher on a Hattori
  • Hungry, Hungry Heart - Perform a Finisher on Chef Oboru Guruma
  • Double Trouble - Perform a Finisher on Gassy Obariyon

Do enemies have special weaknesses?

The majority of the enemies do not have any special weakness. The only enemy that does have a specific weakness is the Laser Shogun who is heavily armored from the front. You want to shoot the crystal on its back in order to take out this enemy. You can attack its crystal when it opens its mouth to charge its laser to fire at you, or you can get close to it and use your Chi Push. This will stun it and turn it around giving you free rein to unload on its back.


How Do I Get Weapon Lore in Shadow Warrior 3?

The Lore from the pause menu will all automatically unlock the first time you come across any weapon. As long as you perform a finisher on every enemy throughout the game you'll be able to unlock every piece of lore.

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