Final Fantasy XV and Papa John's Teams Up, Because Why Not?

Published: April 8, 2018 7:09 PM /


final fantasy xv pizza edition

I remember Final Fantasy XV for it's that fun combat, interesting characters, and an open world I really enjoyed. After that, I also remember a lovely soundtrack and beautiful graphics. However, it seems many people tend to remember that one really weird part of the game where the main characters perform a strange side quest that is basically just an extended ad for Cup Noodle. Final Fantasy XV is no stranger to advertisements, and it seems its picked up a new one.

This time around that would be Papa John's, the American pizza chain. Running a weird ad on their twitter, you can get a coupon for 40% off of any pizza at Papa John's. The ad features the rather hilarious tagline of "Eat it in the game... then eat it in real life!", and a picture of Ignis saying "That's it! I've come up with a new discount!" There's also a picture of the in-game Final Fantasy XV pizza which makes me second guess how good Ignis' cooking skills actually are, but I figure it's not Papa John's if it's not subpar pizza.

Oddly enough, unlike Cup Noodle or Assassin's Creed Origins, both of which got entire quests devoted to their in-game inclusion, this doesn't seem to be entering the world of Final Fantasy XV in any way. So no, you can't cook Papa John's pizza at your camping sites (where you use Coleman gear, for the record) or buy any from a shop (which says in the windows that you can purchase things with an American Express card).

Quick Take:

I can understand how this partnership came to be. Papa John himself has a long and rather famous history in the Final Fantasy series. Who can forget that scene from Final Fantasy VI, where Cyan approaches Papa John's mansion in an effort to learn his secret recipes to save his town from the poisoned water supply? Or in Final Fantasy X when Tidus discovers he can end Papa John's evil reign over Spira by taking a knee at the start of every Blitzball game? Perhaps his most famous appearance was as the final boss of Final Fantasy VII, where his famous theme song "One Pizza Angel" played. Who can ever forget those lyrics? "Good God, pizza please, so cheesy so cheesy/Good God, pizza please, so cheesy so cheesy/Papa John!/Papa John!"

This is all sarcasm by the way, if that's not obvious.

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