Final Fantasy XV Suffering from Save Game Bug on Google Stadia

Published: December 3, 2019 4:20 PM /


Final Fantasy XV Stadia

Final Fantasy XV was one of the 22 launch titles for the new Google Stadia, but is getting the worst kind of attention for a newly found, potentially game-breaking bug. 

This bug actually prevents players from saving their game around the 14-20 hour mark. The reports, originally from Reddit, include several players running into this problem where their game will fail to save long into the game, beyond the point where players can receive a refund for it under Stadia's refund policy. 

Stadia FF XV Save Bug
The original screenshot of the bug, image from Loontjens007. 

Google for their part has pointed to Square Enix for help with the problem, blaming the developers for an error in the porting of Final Fantasy XV to the Stadia. Square Enix thus far have not found a full fix for the bug, but are aware of the problem.

"After investigation, we would like to confirm that we have found a general issue saving games on Stadia," stated Square Enix." We are currently still investigating it, and unfortunately, we cannot guarantee when or if it will be fixed. We advise you to keep an eye on our official website and social media channels for any update on this matter."

The only form of relief Square Enix offers are temporary fixes to free up in-game space. The suggestions include having only one to two save game slots and removing saved photos from the game's memory. The hope is that it frees up enough space for the game to save. It is unknown if this does help with preventing the bug for players.

Another potential fix, also from Reddit, is to avoid auto-saving, which seems to be the culprit. According to thebaron2, the fix involves manually saving at outdoor campsites, which apparently bypasses the save game bug completely. 

For those who did purchase Final Fantasy XV for Google Stadia, the best bet for now is to be careful when you get deep into the game until Square Enix has a fix for it. 

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