Esports Star SonicFox Raises Over $22,000 for The Trevor Project

Published: August 27, 2019 4:20 PM /


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Esports star Dominique McLean, better known by his online name SonicFox, has raised over $22,000 for The Trevor Project.

The Trevor Project is a non-profit organization formed in 1998 that focuses on suicide prevention for members in the LGBTQ community. The stated goal of the project is to provide confidential services for LGBTQ youth, as well as offer guidance and resources for both parents and youth worldwide.


Over the weekend, McLean began a live stream marathon on his Twitch channel for viewers and fans to donate money to The Trevor Project, in particular, to showcase his own support for Transgender rights with a $40,000 goal. Within 72 hours, around $22,201 was officially donated.

"We did it everybody! Together, we raised 22,150$ for the Trevor Project in 72 Hours. This will be a very special moment in my life for years to come, and I hope to do things like this more often. Thank you all for this very magical moment. TRANS RIGHTS!!!!" stated McLean on twitter.

This is not the first time prominent live streamers have used their platform for donations in favor of Trans rights. Earlier this year, streamer Harry Brewis, known as Hbomberguy, was able to raise over $340,000 for the UK-based Transgender rights charity Mermaids. Brewis would accomplish this by livestream a 50+ hour playthrough of Donkey Kong 64, along with the prominent endorsements and visits from industry personalities such as developer John Romero, e-journalist Jim Sterling, and congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

McLean is continuing his efforts for charity now, where the next milestone he hopes to reach is the $40,000 mark, where it states on the donation link that "I'll go bald" if this milestone is reached.

McLean rose to prominence in the Esports world for his play at games such as Mortal Kombat. He has won five championships at the Evolution Championship Series (EVO) and was awarded the Esports Player of the Year award at The Game Awards in 2018. He is, to date, the highest-paid Fighting game Esports star in the world, with over $600,000 in earnings.

For those interested in donating to The Trevor Project, they can follow SonicFox on his twitch stream, where they have an app that will take and track donations now.


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