Fall Guys Screen See Saw

The Search for #TheFallenOne Ends


Who is #TheFallenOne, and why does this story matter?

The current logo for Twitch Prime

Amazon Is Rebranding Twitch Prime To Prime Gaming


According to an industry leak, Amazon is to rebrand its Twitch Prime gaming service as Prime Gaming.

October's Twitch Games

Twitch Prime Announces October Games


Twitch Prime's next bath of games that you'll get by subscribing to the service has been revealed. This month seems to have a focus on horror games, specifically.

climate change gaming

Climate Change Gaming Partnership Has Devs Teaming Up to Save the Planet


A climate change gaming partnership has been announced by the United Nations.

sonicfox trevor project stream

Esports Star SonicFox Raises Over $22,000 for The Trevor Project


Esports star Dominique McLean, better known by his online name SonicFox, has raised over $22,000 for The Trevor Project.

Rage 2 Roadmap Offers Plenty Of Bang For Your Buck

Rage 2 Roadmap Offers Plenty Of Bang For Your Buck


After Rage 2 drops on May 14 and you complete your first playthrough, there will still be plenty to keep you raging on and on.

rage 2

Rage 2 Streamers Can Have Their Audience Revive Them When They Die


According to a GameSpot report, Twitch streamers who plan to rage against the machin

borderlands 3 cover art

Borderlands 3 to have ECHOcast Twitch Extension; Gameplay Premiere May 1st


Borderlands 3 will be featuring a brand new piece of online interactivity with their ECHOcast Twitch Extension.

apex legends lifeline

Twitch Suspends Popular Cosplayer for Wearing Blackface


Popular Twitch Streamer Karina “Karupups” Martsinkevich, known for cosplaying various game characters, has received a temporary ban from Twitch for wearing blackface.