Respeccing in Diablo IV Will Be Easy -- at First

Published: April 25, 2023 1:23 PM /


diablo IV respec

Trying out new builds for your favorite character in Diablo IV is half the fun, but you'll definitely need to pay up if you can't make up your mind.

Diablo IV players are free to change their talents at any time during their experience, provided they have the money to do so. During a group interview with Diablo IV Lead Class Designer Adam Jackson, we learned more about early and late-game class respec costs in response to a question from Wccftech. Early game respecs' costs will be very inexpensive to players within the first 50 levels in order to encourage experimentation and freedom of choice. Later on, players will find respecs to be a more difficult choice.


"And then when you get to the really late game. We do want you to kind of like, start to optimize and focus on a build and focus on, you know, a real fantasy so that you can have that identity of like, 'I am a werewolf druid, or I am a blood-casting magic necro.'"

This system extends to Paragon points, so if players want to start from a blank slate with this system, you'll also have to foot an increasingly sizable bill. In short, the cost will start small and gradually grow larger for both skill and Paragon points.

For more information about Blizzard's class customization and cosmetics, be sure to read our full interview. If you aren't sure about what the endgame entails, we have an interview that'll shine a light on the gameplay loop and even some information about Diablo IV's Season Pass. Be sure to try out Diablo IV's "Server Slam" Open Beta next month and gear up for the game's official release in early June.

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