Battlefield 2042 Scoreboard Update Coming in February

Published: January 19, 2022 10:42 AM /


Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 has had a really rough go of it, and it seems to primarily be self-inflicted from bizarre takes on what makes Battlefield great. Perhaps chief among these takes was that you don't need to know your KDR (kill death ratio) in an FPS title, which was the type of bafflingly stupid decision that DICE seems to love redoing over and over again. You don't care about the Battlefield 2042 scoreboard, right? What about VOIP across all platforms? Or the famous Rush mode? It's almost as if DICE went out of their way to torpedo the franchise because they're sick of working on it or something equally petty, and today's detailing is what's hopefully a slow climb out of a massive hole that's been dug seemingly just 'cause.

Anyways, the Battlefield Direct Communications account on Twitter had a lot to say this morning, with the Battlefield 2042 scoreboard the biggest talking point. Patch 3.2 (scheduled to go live tomorrow) will release some small fixes and improvements to the game and doesn't seem like anything worth getting excited over. XP in Portal is being adjusted, which means that more servers and gametypes to progress on Mastery and Weekly missions. 

While that's alright, it's Patch 3.3 (scheduled to go live in mid to late February), will 'refresh' the Battlefield 2042 scoreboard UI. Check it out below:

Battlefield 2042 scoreboard
DICE's first take on the Battlefield 2042 scoreboard.

Well, it's better than before. We can see our kills now and other essential stats. No individual deaths, though. One step forward and half a step back, the true DICE way. Maybe by summer we'll be able to see our deaths instead of having to mark a piece of paper like we're a bunch of savages. Note that I didn't way which summer in which year we would see deaths on the Battlefield 2042 scoreboard. For all I know it could be summer 2023.

The Battlefield 2042 scoreboard will be receiving more updates, so we'll have to see if DICE figures out how to add our deaths into the scoreboard. The same applies for matchmaking preferences and all platform VOIP. You know, the options that every other major FPS franchise does on release now? They're on DICE's radar. Whew. 

For more information on every weird decision DICE continues to make, stay tuned to TechRaptor.

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