Battlefield 2042 Season 4 Revealed With New Specialist & More

Published: February 17, 2023 11:18 AM /


Battlefield 2042 Season 4

Today Electronic Arts provided an overview of what we can expect from Season 4 of Battlefield 2042 Season 4, titled "Eleventh Hour," which will kick off on February 28.

We start with the new map, named "Flashpoint," set in the desert of Northern South Africa. It even includes a vehicle elevator and a collapsing building, alongside plenty of flags to command and control.

The new Spanish specialist, Camilla Blasco is a Recon armed with the X6-Infiltration device and the Ambush Expert trait. The gadget prevents being locked on and interferes with active spotting technology in its dead zone range until the enemy destroys it. She is actually the last specialist to come to the game, bringing the total to 14. The developers will now focus on balance changes for the existing specialists on top of cosmetics to change their looks. 

New weapons include the Super 500 shotgun sidearm, the RM68 assault rifle with a built-in silencer, the AC9 SMG, and the RPT-31 prototype LMG. New vault weapons include the SVD from Battlefield 3, and the Type 88 LMG also from Battlefield 3.

The CAV-Brawler is a brand-new vehicle with a detection system, an active protection system, and a close defense system. Open seats facilitate repairs and spawning on the vehicle even when all the seats are occupied. 

A new gadget will also be made available and it's the SPH Explosive Launcher can intercept and kill nearby infantry. 

Of course, a new battle pass will include 100 tiers between free and premium rewards, including Irish's "Greenback" skin and Blasco's "Fault Line" skin, the new weapons, the gadget, and the vehicle mentioned above, on top of a lot of cosmetics. If you max out the tiers, you'll receive enough premium currency to get the battle pass for Season 5.

Below you can take a look at the gameplay trailer. Battlefield 2042 is currently available for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. 


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