Xuan-Yuan Sword VII Emberwolf Boss Guide

Last Update: November 18, 2020



Xuan Yuan Sword VII’s Emberwolf combines powerful fire, with quick attacks and a group of other little wolves to become the game’s first real challenge. If you’re struggling, you’ve come to the right place. Here is our Emberwolf boss guide. 

Xuan-Yuan Sword VII Emberwolf Boss Guide - Preparing for the Fight

Before you go in, make sure to stock up on potions from a merchant. As well as this, combine “Rough Hide” and “Rag” in the “Fusion Lab” tab (located in the Elysium) to make a “Soul of Firevoid.” This grants reduced damage from fire but can be upgraded even further in the “Harness Workshop” to make you entirely immune. Go to the talent tree to equip it, and suddenly, this fight becomes much more manageable. 

Emberwolf Boss Guide
He's a pretty cute soul.

Xuan-Yuan Sword VII Boss Guide - How to Beat Emberwolf

When you go, don’t lock onto the big guy himself. Instead, free aim your attacks in arcs so as to do damage to as many creatures as you can with each attack. The Emberwolf has a few main choreographed attacks. When he raises his left arm, he will swing forward for a swipe attack. This is easy to dodge by rolling backwards or just walking away.

When Emberwolf pushes backwards, it means he’s about to swing his body in a wide arc all around him. When he swings his head, he charges. Kill off all the side enemies first whilst watching out for those choreographed attacks. After they’ve been dispatched, only attack Emberwolf after his attacks to get in for damage without taking a counterhit. 

Once he reaches half health, his move set is practically the same except he now can do two swipe attacks in a row. The best thing to do here is to bait him into doing the second one and then taking a few swings at him. Once you have all this down, rinse and repeat until he’s eventually dead, and you’re on your way to the second fight!

Emberwolf Boss Guide

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