Xuan-Yuan Sword VII Taowu Boss Guide

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Xuan-Yuan Sword VII

Whilst not as outwardly hard as Emberwolf, Taowu doesn’t have a single secret to make him much easier. This being said, a rundown of his moves and some tips on combat will make him as fragile as Taishi’s sister. Without further ado, this is how you defeat Taowu in Xuan-Yuan Sword VII 

Xuan-Yuan Sword VII Taowu Boss Guide - Preparing for the Fight

Before going in, no single item will win this fight for you but prepping accordingly is the best way to reduce damage and deal some more yourself. Make sure to build recipes in Elysium and equip that to your Taishi. If you can reduce some damage through that (the soul of protection is worth adding in) you’ll have an easier fight. Additionally, make sure to upgrade your weapon through Elysium to deal a little more damage. Now, make your way in there. 

Xuan-Yuan Sword VII
You'll need protection

Xuan-Yuan Sword VII Taowu Boss Guide - How To Beat Taowu

The key to beating Taowu is using his size against him. He has huge claws and even bigger attacks. This means if you hang close to him and stay near the front of his back legs, most of his moves go right over your head. If he holds his left claw back and screams, it means he’s going to lunge. As he jumps, dash forward into him so you end behind him and take a few swings at his legs. If, while standing, he holds up a hand, he’s going to bring that down again. Once again, dash through his body as the hand comes down to avoid damage and ready a counterattack. If he pulls his left hand back, he swipes with it. For this, dodge forward to the other hand, If both of his hands move back, it means he’s going to dash forward, move to the right and follow him. 

Once you get him down to half health, he will start implementing an AOE scream. This is choreographed by both of his hand hitting the floor followed by a red mark underneath them. You have a few seconds to react when does this, get behind or to the side of him and the AOE will do nothing to you. The majority of his moves can be entirely avoided by a well-timed dodge towards his legs so if you can’t be bothered to remember these choreographed attacks, just do that until you get a feel of it and he should drop easily. 

Xuan-Yuan Sword VII
Good Luck

And that’s it. With these small tips, Taowu becomes a pushover and very easy to deal with. 

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