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Weird West’s set of playable characters each has their own circumstances and personal abilities. However, they all share something in common: Perks. Perks are helpful bonuses that will make your journey through the West a little bit easier. In our Weird West Perks guide, we’ll go over how perks work and how they can benefit you.

Unlocking Weird West Perks

Perks are unlocked in a similar way to abilities, using a collectable currency rather than skill points or levels. For perks, the currency is Golden Aces of Spades. These are found throughout Weird West, from exploration, quests, and defeating tough enemies. Unlike the Nimp Relics used for skills, Golden Aces of Spades are generally much rarer, but you can still occasionally find some out in the open.

Perk Weird West Pickup

Perks have 3 tiers, each one costing more Golden Aces of Spades than the last — 1 for tier 1, 3 for tier 2, and 5 for tier 3. Thankfully, while the cost is much higher for later tiers, their effects are also much more potent. Because of this, it’s often best to focus on a couple of perks first to fully max them out, before moving onto others.

Compared to abilities which are only unlocked per character, perks carry over between journeys. This means that you’ll have built up a decent number of passive benefits by the time you’ve reached the last few journeys.

Every Weird West Perk | Perk List

Locksmith: Gain a chance to save lockpicks after picking a lock. With how often you’ll be picking locks — either to skip encounters or enter restricted areas — this one is worth investing in early.

Scrounger: Find more money in containers. Laters tiers do boost the percentage of money found by a fair bit, but you still won't find much in the long run.

Haggler: Reduce shop prices and service fees. Essentially scrounger but better, though it won't affect certain story scenes or side quests that require money.

Posse Leader: Increase the health and damage of posse members. Absolutely worth taking, especially if you rely more on direct combat than stealth. Ally AI can be wonky at times, so the boost in stats goes a long way in making them more useful during encounters.

Demolitionist: Deal more explosive damage with dynamite and cluster dynamite. Dynamite can wipe out weaker enemies easily already, so this perk is more for dealing with high HP monsters or certain tougher enemies.

High Jumper: Jump higher, while also reducing fall damage. Most of the time the extra jump height won't help, since higher places can be reached by stacking objects instead. Fall damage is rarely a worry either.

Ambusher: Deal more damage to unaware targets. A very effective perk for stealthy players, or even just for taking out an enemy before going in guns blazing. The final tier causes you to do double damage to unaware enemies, killing all but the strongest monsters in one hit. Best paired with the bow, or rifle’s Sentry Silencer ability.

Trail Medic: Heal additional HP via bandages. Since bandages are the main source of healing during battle, this perk can be worth taking — especially on higher difficulty settings.

Hunter: Move faster while aiming with rifles, shotguns, and bows. Might have the occasional use, though you generally don’t want to be aiming outside of cover anyway.

Bullet Dodger: Increase fire rate while performing a dodge leap (performed by dodging while aiming with a ranged weapon). Another perk with relatively niche uses for most weapons. Can at least help kill enemies faster, but you’ll likely have to reload long before the dodge is over.

Quick Reload: Increases reload speed. Very helpful for double-barrel shotguns and other weapons with slow reloads. By tier 2 the time taken is already cut by 50%, making it a good perk to invest in early.

Healthy: Increase max HP. This perk is the main way to increase max HP, since characters are generally stuck at 100 without it. Worth at least grabbing the first tier early for extra survivability.

Quick Stealth: Increases speed while crouched. Perfect for a stealth-focused playstyle, though the benefits aren’t much higher at tier 3 — it only reaches 40% faster speed. Still worth having, since stealth is often the best way to go during certain journeys.


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