Weird West Abducted Blacksmith Guide

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Weird West Abducted Blacksmith

Very early into Weird West, you are greeted with an introductory side quest that can be a little hard to figure out. Weird West's "The Abducted Blacksmith" has a surprisingly easy solution that you may not catch if you've been put off by that scary time limit. Here's how to solve it

Weird West Abducted Blacksmith Guide - The Set Up

You will originally be given this quest as you make your way through Grackle for the first time. Near the edge of town, a woman named Betty Jones will come to talk to you and tell you about her husband who has been kidnapped. There is some importance to this quest as it grants you some items and gains you favourability with the blacksmith. 

Weird West

Unfortunately, this mission comes with a time limit. It's a pretty big one at 5 days so you won't have to rush it too much. On my first try, without any clue of what was going on, I still had three days left when I saved him. As this is the first major side quest in the game, pay attention to how everything works. It's a great way of learning

Saving The Abducted Blacksmith

Although it may not be entirely obvious to you, this quest will naturally be completed alongside the main quest. Although Betty tells you he has been kidnapped by the Stillwaters, you can actually find them among a few outposts in the game so you may think to look there. Don't. 

The main questline will send you on the trail of the Stillwaters. Follow it to the "Tracking Site" to get your next clue. This quest works as a tutorial for the world - showing you how bounty hunters operate. You will eventually make your way to Greenwater Run. He will call out for you as you approach. Although you can get him out with lockpicks, don't bother wasting them here. 

Weird West

If you go to the nearest house, you will find a hatch that leads to a cave. Follow this cave to its conclusion to pick up the key to the cell. This has a good few enemies but it is also loaded with environmental hazards - a great way to get an easy kill. You can also bandage Dean Stillwater up here to get a friend later in the game.

After this, go back up and let him out. Unfortunately, as you leave the cave, you may be ambushed by members of the gang. The best thing to do here is position yourself close to a doorframe to keep an eyesight on a specific path and take them out as they come close. If you haven't bought a horse yet, you could risk stealing one here too. 

After all of this is done, make your way back to Grackle to claim your reward. The wife will give you a nice upgraded pistol and the blacksmith will finally open - giving you the chance to smelt your ore into refined resources. Making friends is a very important part of Weird West and this quest shows it's worth taking the time out to save everyone you can.


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