Weird West Guide for Beginners

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Weird West Guide for Beginners

Weird West is a pretty brutal game if you don't take your time with it. One wrong move or missed cue can leave you stranded, without friends, fighting your way out of a town hostile to your every move. If you think this may happen to you, this is our Weird West Guide for Beginners

Weird West Guide for Beginners - Get a Horse

If you happen to have preordered the game, you will get Calamity for free, a great horse at the start of the game. You will be sent on a short quest to pick them up, giving you access to a new area filled with loot. If not, you may have to wait till you get to your first major town to purchase one. Either way, the horse is a great asset to any party. If you're feeling particularly mischievous, you can even steal one from lone outposts or unique encounters. 

Weird West Guide for Beginners

The horse speeds up travel time - letting you complete quests much quicker. It also comes with inventory space, allowing you to loot even more of each location you find yourself in. If you have found some expensive new items but don't have the space, interact with your horse to open up its pouches. 

Horses become an almost necessary purchase as you get through the game, severely cutting down travel time. If you can, get one of these as soon as you can - they're worth it. 

Weird West Guide for Beginners - Loot Everything

Your inventory is pretty generous in Wild West and money is needed for many of the game's quests and greatest gear. Even if it requires travelling back and forth a little bit, it is well worth looting everything you possibly can. Enemies always have weapons on them that you can sell or break apart for extra bullets. If you loot everything and break down all extra weapons, you come away from every encounter loaded with money and bullets. This won't suddenly make the game easy but will make encounters a little less hard. 

Weird West Guide for Beginners

With the horse and enough resilience, you can get a nice supply of goods early on. As well as this, some extra healing supplies always come in handy, especially if you plan on recruiting some companions. 

Weird West Guide for Beginners - Get a Companion

Though you can always risk losing or enraging them, companions are well worth recruiting, especially if you're fairly early into the game. You can hire one in the very first town that is well worth the money. As well as having another person to shoot at your enemies, you have someone to draw fire. If you're in a situation that you can't handle, sometimes you just need a friend to have your back. 

Weird West Guide for Beginners

They won't always fight depending on the situation and environment but you don't need them with you in every encounter. They're robust enough to be useful in a hard situation but worth leaving at home when they're not. Companions are a resource in Weird West - use them wisely. 

Weird West Guide for Beginners - Get Creative

Weird West has tonnes of ways you can play the game. If you can't figure out how to get into something just yet, there's probably a clever way around it. Windows are barricaded? Smash them down. You can't get into a building? Try the roof. You are constantly encouraged to look for creative solutions and, generally, there is one. 

Weird West Guide for Beginners

In this same vein, learning how all the game's little systems work will help you out greatly. You can usually talk or sneak your way around a puzzle and this can be done with items, movement or a friend. Try to tackle every situation from a few different angles. 

Weird West Guide for Beginners - Use Tools

Throughout the world of Weird West, you will come across a few different tools. The most memorable are the pickaxe and shovel. Try to keep one of each on you at all times. The shovel can be used to hide bodies by burying them or can be used to dig up graves to get unique loot. The pickaxe can be used to gain raw resources, worth converting into proper items at the blacksmith. 

Weird West Guide for Beginners

Unfortunately, they break after some use so keep a spare of each in your horse's inventory to make sure you have them when you really need them. 

Weird West Guide for Beginners - Do Bounties

The Bounty System will not only gain you money and reputation but it unlocks new areas and quests to make your way through later in the game. A little bit into the main story, the bounty board will unlock in Grackle and you can use it to hunt down outlaws who have committed crimes. You can sneak up on them and knock them out to bring them home. This will likely result in them trying to kill you later in the game, resulting in cool new encounters and even more loot. 

Weird West Guide for Beginners

If you want to take the risk of a fight later down the line, bringing them back alive can lead to some interesting organic stories. In a way, the story of Weird West is told by your actions and encounters. Make sure to make the most of them.


Hopefully our Weird West Beginner's Guide helped you get started. If it did, check out more guides below:

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