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You'll have to craft a lot during your time in Voidtrain, but you wont have access to a lot early on. This is due to the multi-phase research tree, which requires you to gather lots of materials to unlock new buildings and other useful features. In our Voidtrain Research Guide, we'll go over how research works, and each phase you must unlock along the way.

If you're after more information on the train itself, we have you covered — many of the research unlocks will make your train even better. We also have guides for the helpful Rofleemos, and how to get the most out of your guns.

Phase 2 research list in Voidtrain, higlighting the Workbench I unlock requirements.

Voidtrain Research Guide

Research is a vital part of your journey in Voidtrain, and is available early on. Once you're acclimatized to your new train, you'll be asked to create a Research Table. Crafted via 2 Scrap Metal and 2 Wood, the Research Table is where you'll view your currently available research and the materials you need. Completing research is as simple as having the required materials on hand, then selecting the research in research table. While it does take a few seconds to complete each research topic, you don't need to use any fuel.

The entire research tree is split into phases. Completing all research from one phase will let you move onto the next, which continues until you've completed everything. Sometimes, one piece of research will require a crafted item that must also be unlocked via research in the same tree. Outside of stat upgrades, you still need to make the actual items as well once research is completed — this generally requires the same materials used to complete the research.

Voidtrain Research List

 Name  Tier  Unlocks  Materials Required
Smelter I 1 Smelter I, Copper Bar 2 Scrap Metal
Container I 1 Container I 1 Wood, 1 Iron Bar
Workbench I 2 Workbench I, Bolts 1 Iron Bar, 3 Wood
Basic Components I 2 Gear, Spring 1 Iron Bar
Copper Components 2 Copper Pipe, Copper Wire 1 Copper Bar
Lab I 3 Lab I, Unstable Chemical 1 Wood, 1 Copper Wire, 1 Spring
Chemical Components 3 Grease, Resin 2 Unstable Chemical
Basic Components II 4 Forcer, Bearing 1 Iron Bar, 1 Grease
Container Rack I 4 Container Rack I 1 Iron Bar, 1 Wood, 1 Bolt
Kitchen I 5 Kitchen I, Grilled Organics, Water Flask 1 Bolt, 1 Wood, 1 Copper Pipe, 1 Gear
Sterilizer 6 Sterilizer 1 Unstable Chemical
Bandage I 6 Bandage I 1 Leather, 1 Sterilizer
Garden 7 Garden, Void Plant, Strange Plant 1 Wood, 1 Bolt, 1 Organics
Armory I 8 Armory I 1 Spring, 1 Wood, 1 Copper Pipe
Powder 8 Powder 1 Unstable Chemical, 1 Wood
Ammo Box 8 Ammo Box 1 Powder, 1 Iron Bar
Leather Suit I 9 Leather Suit I 2 Leather, 2 Bolt
Armor Plate I 9 Armor Plate I 1 Iron Bar
Max Satiety I 9 +100 Max Satiety (hunger meter) 3 Cooked Organics
Grappling Hook I 10 Grappling Hook I 1 Iron Bar, 1 Spring, 1 Copper Pipe, 1 Bolt
Small Backpack 10 Small Backpack 1 Wood, 1 Leather, 1 Bolt, 1 Copper Pipe
Charcoal 10 Charcoal 1 Wood, 1 Chemical
Crusher 11 Crusher, Ice Crushing, Coal Crushing 1 Iron Bar, 1 Gear, 1 Forcer, 1 Bolt
Pressing 11 Coal Briquette 1 Forcer, 2 Gear, 1 Bearing
Water Bidon 11 Water Bidon 3 Ice, 1 Unstable Chemical
Ram I 11 Ram I 1 Iron Bar, 1 Spring, 1 Bolt
Steam Engine 12 Steam Engine 4 Iron Bar, 4 Gear, 2 Forcer, 2 Copper Pipe, 2 Bolt
Smelter II 13 Smelter II, Steel Bar 2 Iron Bar, 2 Bolt, 2 Gear, 2 Copper Pipe
Zinc Extraction 13 Zinc will spawn in the void 3 Copper Wire, 3 Resin
Brass Casting 13 Brass Bar 3 Copper Bar, 3 Zinc
Workbench II 14 Workbench II, Sturdy Bolts 2 Steel Bar, 2 Wood, 2 Brass Bar, 2 Bolt
Brass Wire 14 Brass Wire 2 Copper Wire, 2 Brass Bar
Brass Pipe 14 Brass Pipe 2 Copper Pipe, 2 Brass Bar
Container II 14 Container II 2 Wood, 2 Iron Bar, 2 Bolt
Boiler Upgrade I 15 +50 Max Steam Capacity for Steam Engine 3 Steel Bar, 3 Brass Pipe, 3 Gear
Ammunition I 15 Can carry more of all ammo types 4 Leather, 4 Bolt, 4 Copper Wire
Lab II 16 Lab II, Sealant 2 Brass Bar, 4 Wood, 2 Brass Wire, 2 Sturdy Bolt
Thickener 16 Thickener 2 Unstable Chemical, 2 Zinc, 2 Resin
Sturdy Wood 16 Sturdy Wood 2 Wood, 2 Thickener
Gatherer's Station 17 Gatherer's Station 2 Sturdy Wood, 2 Steel Bar, 1 Brass Wire, 1 Damper
Damper 17 Damper 1 Steel Bar, 2 Sealant, 1 Spring
Winch Drive 17 Increases distance of winch (can be made before having Winch. Winch is unlocked during story) 1 Damper, 2 Sturdy Bolt, 2 Brass Pipe
Boiler Upgrade II 18 +50 Max Steam Capacity for Steam Engine 3 Steel Bar, 3 Brass Wire, 3 Spring
Traction I 18 Increases max train length by 1 2 Damper, 2 Gear, 2 Sturdy Bolt
Train Armor 19 Train Armor 2 Steel Bar, 2 Bolt
Max Health I 19 Increases max health by 25 4 Bandage
Effective Cooling 19 Reduces water consumption of engines by 25% 3 Brass Pipe, 3 Sealant
Acid Gathering 20 Acid 2 Sealant, 2 Brass Wire
Rubber 20 Rubber 2 Acid, 2 Resin
Sturdy Leather 20 Sturdy Leather 2 Leather, 2 Grease
Leather Suit II 20 Leather Suit II 2 Sturdy Leather, 2 Sturdy Bolt, 2 Brass Wire


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