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Not all of Voidtrain is spent peacefully gathering aboard your train as you cross the void. Sometimes, you'll have to deal with soldiers that shoot on sight, or creatures that want to take you and the train out. Thankfully, you have access to a number of guns and customization options to make dealing with them a little easier. Follow our Voidtrain Gun Guide to found out more.

If you want to learn more about how your train works, check out our guide. We also have guides on the various research you'll need to complete along your journey, and the helpful Rofleemos you can discover and add to your crew.

Looking at a revolver in Void Train. It's on top of a messy desk, with a skeleton in the seat nearby.

How to Get a Gun in Voidtrain

Your first gun in Voidtrain doesn't take too long to get. By simply following along the tracks, you'll eventually make it to an abandoned station. This starts the quest "Stop", where you'll navigate through the station and reach a dusty office. Here, you'll get the trusty revolver. The revolver has infinite ammo, and is always worth carrying to break objects and scare off large creatures. It doesn't deal a lot of damage, but does the job until you can get your hands on some better firepower.

To obtain more guns, you must take on the soldiers that sometimes block your path or hang out at each station. Alongside ammo for each weapon type, soldiers also have a chance of dropping either pre-built guns, or various modules. These modules are used to customize existing guns, or craft completely new ones if you have the right modules

The main inventory in Voidtrain. The gun module "Uncalibrated Frame" is highlighted, offering stat increases.

How to Upgrade Guns in Voidtrain

To upgrade a gun, you must first make an Armory — Armory I is unlocked at research tier 8. From there, you'll have the option to "Change" guns. The revolver is the simplest to upgrade, as it's only made up of 3 parts (known as Modules). The frame is most important, determining all main stats (including damage). The barrel influences most stats too, outside of damage. Finally, grips help improve handling. Meanwhile, two-handed weapons are made up of a lot more modules. These can come in various rarities, going white, green, blue, purple, yellow in order of rarity. Higher rarity modules will give greater stat bonuses or other special properties.

Modules have a lot of influence on stats, with each offering different benefits:

  • Barrel - Determines the firing type
  • Mag - Magazine size.
  • Frame - Increases most stats. Some can include a core.
  • Grip - Firing mode.
  • Stock - Stability.
  • Sight - Accuracy.
  • Core - Unlocks alternate firing modes for your gun, which use special ammo.

A lot of modules come with additional properties, changing how the gun acts or adding in bonus damage when certain conditions are met. These cannot be seen until you actually attach a module to a gun.

Creating a Gun in Voidtrain

Creating a gun is the same as upgrading an existing one. However, you can only make a gun if you have access to a barrel, mag, frame, and grip. Early on, it's best to make use of existing guns before trying to put together your own, as you'll only start to see higher rarity modules drop later on.

Voidtrain Gun Stats

When customising and making guns, you have access to a readout of its stats. However, while things like damage and fire rate are self explanatory (the higher the better), some aren't explained well in-game:

  • DPS - The theoretical damage the gun can do per second if you hit every shot per magazine. Naturally, your actual DPS in combat will vary due to accuracy causing bullets to miss, headshot multipliers, and reload times.
  • Stability - The higher this is, the lower the gun will kick upwards when firing. Lower stability just means that you'll have to drag your aim down more when firing to stay accurate.
  • Handling - Unlike the other stats, this is one is better the lower the number is. Lower handling means that you'll draw the weapon faster.

Guns also have durability, which can be viewed in the Change and Create options on an Armory. Using guns causes wear, meaning the guns have a chance to jam when firing. Weapons can be repaired using Scrap Metal by clicking on the small hammer next to the durability meter.

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