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This Vampire Survivors Gold Farming Starter Guide will teach you how to get started with farming Gold, how to AFK Gold farm, and more!

Vampire Survivors Gold farming works by optimizing your build to maximize the amount of Gold you can earn by killing enemies. As any veteran player of the game can tell you, there is a lot of flexibility for fine-tuning your build to suit your needs.

Vampire Survivors Gold Farming Starter Guide - A Big Chest of Loot
This is chump change once you know how to Gold farm.

How Vampire Survivors Gold Farming Works

One downside is that you won't be able to just jump into Gold farming right away -- you're going to need to get a specific Character, unlock certain Weapons and Passive Items, and unlock extra features like Arcanas and Inverse Mode in order to make the most out of Gold farming. Once you do, though, you'll be able to make millions of Gold per hour.

The basic principle is this: you want to start a Gold Fever and kill enemies to collect more Gold and keep the Gold Fever going. As you refine your technique, you'll be able to get Gold faster and more consistently (while also staying alive).

Bear in mind, this guide is about getting started with Vampire Survivors Gold farming. There are plenty of guides out there that will give you their theories about the best way to maximize your income.

The focus of this guide will be on getting you started on your money-making journey. If you're brand new to the game, you should check out our Starter Guide!

You're also going to need to be able to consistently reach the end of most Stages by getting to 30:00. If you can't do that yet, focus on playing through the game, unlocking stuff, and refining your builds -- you can't think about farming Gold until you have a good understanding of the game's fundamentals!

Why You Should Farm Gold in Vampire Survivors

Farming Gold in Vampire Survivors will allow you to purchase many Golden Eggs and permanently increase the stats of any Character of your choosing, making subsequent runs easier. You can also use the Gold to purchase Power-Ups or items from the Merchant during a run.

Vampire Survivors Gold Farming Starter Guide - Early Moongolow Gold Farming Run
Even a few Golden Eggs can help.

What You Need to Unlock to Start Gold Farming in Vampire Survivors

Here's a list of what you'll need to unlock (and why) to properly start Gold farming in Vampire Survivors. You'll want to focus on unlocking the essentials before you attempt to Gold farm.

Bear in mind that there are other things you can unlock to make Gold farming work even better. The essentials are the bare minimum for what you'll need to get started with Gold farming.

Essential Unlocks

  • Whip (Weapon) - Unlocked by default. Its Evolution Bloody Tear and its Union Fuwalafuwaloo are essential for long-term healing.
  • King Bible (Weapon) - Unlocked by default. Its Evolution Unholy Vespers does great AoE damage.
  • Santa Water (Weapon) - Unlocked by default. Its Evolution La Borra adds even more overall AOE damage.
  • Garlic (Weapon) - Unlocked by consuming a total of five Floor Chicken, Garlic is essential for AoE damage and for healing with its Evolution Soul Eater.
  • Gatti Amari (Weapon) - Unlocked by surviving 15 minutes with Giovanna Grana; Giovanna is found in the Inlaid Library Coffin. Gatti Amari's Evolution Vicious Hunger has a chance to transform enemies into Gold Coins. This increases your overall Gold income and can help extend Gold Fever.
  • Vento Sacro (Weapon) - Unlocked by surviving 15 minutes with Zi'Assunta Belpaese; Zi'Assunta can be unlocked by finding her coffin in Cappella Magna. The Union of Vento Sacro and Bloody Tear is Fuwalafuwaloo, a weapon that does decent AOE damage and also adds to your healing.
  • Moongolow (Stage) - Unlocked after you've unlocked Hyper Mode for four normal stages. You can typically unlock Hyper Mode by defeating the boss that spawns at the 25-minute mark.
  • Arcanas (Feature) - Unlocked by finding the Randomazzo Relic in Gallo Tower.
  • Saraband of Healing (VI) (Arcana) - Unlocked by default when you find the Randamazzo Relic and unlock the Arcana feature.
  • Disco of Gold (XV) (Arcana) - Unlocked by reaching minute 31 in the Inlaid Library Stage or defeating Death/The Reaper in the Inlaid Library. Disco of Gold allows you to heal by picking up Gold, and it will also trigger a Gold Fever anytime you pick up a Gold Bag. Gold Fever has a chance to have enemies drop a Gold Coin, and picking up Gold Coins further extends Gold Fever.
  • Endless Mode - Unlocked by selecting "Too Hard" in the Eudaimonia M. Stage, which you can unlock by collecting all standard Relics from the other Stages.
  • Big Trouser (Character) - Unlocked by getting all 16 of the Passive Items that spawn in Moongolow to max level and leaving the Stage.
  • Reroll (Feature) - 1 level of Reroll (which provides 2 Rerolls per game) is unlocked by leveling either Mortaccio, Yatta Cavallo, Bianca Rambo, O'Sole Meeo, or Sir Ambrojoe to Level 80. Each of these Characters can be unlocked by killing a certain number of enemies; for example, you can unlock Mortaccio by defeating a total of 3,000 Skeletons.

Optional Unlocks

  • The Bone Zone (Stage) - Unlocked after you've unlocked Hyper Mode for 3 Stages by beating the bosses at the 25-minute mark. You'll get access to this Stage as you're working your way toward unlocking Moongolow.
  • Torrona's Box (Passive Item) - Unlocked by holding six Weapon Evolutions in one run.
  • Inverse Mode (Feature) - Unlocked by selecting "Too Easy" in the Eudaimonia M. Stage, which you can unlock by collecting all standard Relics from the other Stages. You can get access to both Inverse Mode and Endless Mode by starting a game with Inverse Mode enabled, ending it, and returning to Eudaimonia M. to unlock the other option you didn't select.
  • Limit Break (Feature) - Unlocked by collecting the Great Gospel Relic by defeating the Ender Boss at the 30-minute mark in Cappella Magna.
  • Seal (Feature) - Unlocked by Banishing 10 Weapons in a single run. This will likely require you to reveal 100 entries in the Collection -- not the Unlock list -- to get the 5 ranks of Banish. Seal allows you to permanently disable Weapons or Passive Items, making it easier to focus on getting your ideal build going quickly.
  • Power-Ups (Feature) - You'll unlock various Power-Ups as you play through Vampire Survivors and complete objectives. The more Power-Ups you have unlocked, the better; these will make your Character stronger and further increase your chances of surviving.
  • Milky Way Map (Relic) - Unlocks the in-game Map. You can find this Relic in the Dairy Plant.
  • Yellow Sign (Relic) - Unlocked by running to the end of the Holy Forbidden Stage. You can unlock the hidden Holy Forbidden Stage by surviving to the 14-minute mark in Moongolow and defeating a special boss. The Yellow Sign lets you find Metaglio Left, Metaglio Right, Silver Ring, and Gold Ring, all of which can further increase your stats.
  • Mad Groove (VII) (Arcana) - Mad Groove attracts all items except for Chests towards you. Combine this with a high Magnet stat enhanced by Golden Eggs and you'll be able to pick up Gold Bags while standing still anywhere in the Stage, allowing you to start a new Gold Fever with the Disco of Gold (XV) Arcana.
  • Wicked Season (XIII) (Arcana) - Wicked Season further increases your Growth, Luck, Greed, and Curse by 1% every 2 levels. Furthermore, you'll temporarily double each of these stats in rotation, further increasing your earnings. You may be tempted to pick this Arcana early, but you shouldn't select it first until you have a few thousand Golden Eggs so you can survive the onslaught of tougher enemies (especially in the harder Stages).
  • Other Arcanas - Having additional Arcanas unlocked will allow you to further increase your damage, extending your survivability for a run -- Inverse Mode allows you to purchase more than three Arcanas via the Merchant, effectively allowing you to carry as many Arcana cards as you'd like to.
  • Golden Eggs (Item Pickup) - Golden Eggs can be acquired by defeating the Atalaneans which protect the Metaglio Left, Metaglio Right, Gold Ring, and Silver Ring, the Moongolow Atlanteans (which spawn at 14:00 in Moongolow), by killing Death with the Infinite Corridor or Crimson Shroud, or purchase from the Merchant for 10,000 Gold. You'll be spending most of your early earnings buying Golden Eggs to power up Big Trouser even further.
Vampire Survivors Gold Farming Starter Guide - Yellow Sign Atlanteans in Moongolow
You'll have to keep moving to survive some of the Boss fights in the early minutes of a Gold farming run.

Starting Your First Vampire Survivors Gold Farming Run, Step-By-Step

Once you have all of the essential unlocks, you can get started with your first attempt at Vampire Survivors Gold farming. Don't expect to make millions of Gold quickly; you should first focus on making 2 or 3 million Gold in a single run.

Choosing Your Character

First, you'll need to pick your character and your Features. Select Big Trouser as your Character and pick Moonglow for the Stage. Turn on Hyper Mode, Arcanas, and Endless Mode. Then, start the game.

As soon as you begin your first run in Moongolow, Big Trouser's Candybox Weapon will allow you to pick any of the standard Weapons you've unlocked. Select the Garlic.

Next, you'll have to select your first Arcana. Pick Disco of Gold (XV) -- this will let you start earning some extra Gold right away and enhance your healing by effectively turning all Gold Pickups into healing Pickups as well.

Picking Up Passives

Once you're actually able to move around, it's time to pick up Passive Items. If you don't have Torrona's Box unlocked yet, pick up all of the Passive Items except for the Yellow Sign Passive Items (Metaglio Left, Metaglio Right, Gold Ring, Silver Ring) -- get these later when you're strong enough to kill the Atlanteans that protect them.

Remember, you're not in that big of a rush with Endless Mode turned on -- you can go after the Atlanteans after 15 or 20 minutes have passed! If you do have Torrona's Box open, then you should pick up five (and only five!) specific Passive Items:

  • Crown
  • Skull O'Maniac
  • Clover
  • Attractorb
  • Pummarola

Head to the top-left group of Passive Items and pick up the Crown, Skull O'Maniac, and Clover. Next, go to the bottom-left group of Passive Items and pick up the Pummarola. Finally, go to the bottom-right group of Passive Items and pick up the Attractorb.

This group of five Passive Items will give you a good balance of staying alive, quickly leveling up Big Trouser, and increasing your chances of getting Torrona's Box as soon as possible.

As soon as you have Torrona's Box, pick up all of the other Passive Items except for the Yellow Sign items (Metaglio Left, Metaglio Right, Gold Ring, Silver Ring) -- again, wait until your Weapons are more powerful before you try to fight them.

Getting Weapons

We've already picked Garlic for our first Weapon; now we need to find the other five. Here are the Weapons you should get:

  • King Bible
  • Whip
  • Venti Sacri
  • Gatti Amari
  • Santa Water

All of these Weapons will give you decent AoE damage. The Evolution of Garlic and the Evolution/Union of the Whip and Venti Sacri will give you some additional Healing, too.

Evolving and Uniting the Whip and Venti Sacri will open up the sixth Weapon Slot again. Select whichever weapon you think will work best for your run; Runetracer and Song of Mana are excellent options that provide good AoE damage. Gorgeous Moon is also a good choice that can help increase your survivability a bit.

Take care not to use your Rerolls unless you absolutely need to avoid picking up a Weapon or Passive Item you don't need -- even in those cases, it's preferable to use Skip or Banish instead. Rerolls can be used to draw another 4 Arcana, and Vampire Survivors Gold Farming relies on having the correct Arcana loadout for maximum earnings.

Leveling Up

Now that we have an understanding of your build, it's time to start leveling Big Trouser. Run around the Stage killing enemies. Evolve your Weapons as soon as you can. When you've completely maxed out all of your Weapons and Passive Items, select "Always Floor Chicken" from the level-up menu to further enhance your survivability.

You'll likely have well over 100,000 Gold by the time you reach 14:00 on the clock in Moongolow. At this point, the Moongolow Atlanteans will spawn. This will be your toughest fight yet; kill them as quickly and as safely as you can.

Once you've defeated the Moongolow Atlanteans, it's time to pick up the Yellow Sign items if you have them available. Head south to the Gold Ring. Then, head East to the Metaglio Right.

Finish things up by collecting the Silver Ring to the North and the Metaglio Left to the West. Remember, increasing the Curse stat with the Gold Ring and Metaglio Right is a priority -- more enemies means more Gold drops and faster Gold farming!

The 15:00 Reset

At 15:00 in Endless Mode, the spawn pattern will begin again -- you'll start seeing the same enemies you saw when you started the level. The difference, though, is that the enemies get progressively stronger with each cycle in Endless Mode.

The Merchant will also respawn at the center of the map and sell +1 Revival instead of a Golden Egg in Endless Mode; purchase it if you think you need it. Once you've collected all of the Passive Items in Moongolow, stay near the center of the Map so you can easily access the Merchant if you need to.

If you've maxed out all of your Weapons and Passive Items, you should be able to kill enemies for Gold pretty easily for at least 45 minutes (and probably longer, depending on your skill and how many Power-Ups you've purchased on the main menu). You might want to stay in Moongolow forever, but you can earn more Gold (and earn it faster) by ending the run and investing it into powering up Big Trouser.

It may take you a few tries, but you should eventually hit a point where you can reliably earn a few million Gold. Quit the run once you've earned around 3,000,000 Gold -- it's time to move on to the next level of Gold farming!

Vampire Survivors Gold Farming Starter Guide - 1,001 Golden Eggs on Big Trouser
Using your earnings to buy Golden Eggs will make successive Gold farming runs even easier.

Powering Up with Golden Eggs

Now it's time to spend some of that sweet, sweet Gold you've earned. Sure, you can use it to unlock all of the stuff you've been wanting to get, but it's a much better idea to invest it in future Gold farming runs with Golden Eggs.

Once you've ended your first run with 3,000,000+ Gold, return to Moongolow with Big Trouser (and Endless Mode turned off) and talk to the Merchant. Purchase as many Golden Eggs as you can -- these few hundred Golden Eggs will give you the boost of power you need in order to survive more difficult Gold farming runs.

Golden Eggs will power up random stats, but it will all even out in the end. Take a look at the above image and compare the stats -- 1,001 Golden Eggs gave me +6 Revivals, +5 Armor, +5.1 Recovery, and a bunch of other bonuses.

Certain stats (such as Might) have an absolute maximum that you cannot surpass no matter how many Golden Eggs you purchase. Once you've effectively maxed out a Character, it's probably a good idea to invest that Gold into powering up a different Character.

More damage and health are always good, but the most important stat for Gold farming is Magnet. Increasing it by 20%-30% allows you to more reliably pick up Floor Chickens and Gold Bags while standing still; this is an important step to being able to do AFK Gold farming. For now, though, we're going to move on to the next stage: Inverse Moongolow!

Vampire Survivors Gold Farming Starter Guide - Inverse Moongolow Gold Farming
Inverse Moongolow opens up greater opportunities for making bank.

Advancing to Inverse Moongolow Gold Farming in Vampire Survivors

Once you have 100-300 Golden Eggs, you should be powerful enough to survive Inverse Moongolow with the same strategy as your first run.

Inverse Mode introduces some key differences:

  • The Stage is flipped upside down (and some other minor cosmetic changes may take place, too).
  • Gold Bonus is increased.
  • Luck Bonus is increased.
  • Enemy Health is increased.
  • The Merchant also sells additional Skips, Banishes, Rerolls, and the option to buy an additional Arcana (even if you already have the maximum of 3 Arcanas). He still sells Revives or Golden Eggs (depending on whether or not you've selected Endless Mode, which you should).

The enemies are tougher, but the bonuses are greater. A powered-up Big Trouser will be able to earn even greater amounts of Gold by farming in Inverse Moongolow, especially with the ability to purchase additional Arcanas.

If you can't consistently survive Gold Farming runs in Inverse Moongolow, turn off Inverse Mode and continue your Vampire Survivors Gold Farming in non-Inverse Moongolow. Keep purchasing Golden Eggs until you're strong enough to survive in Inverse Moongolow!

 Vampire Survivors Gold Farming Starter Guide - Starting in The Bone Zone
The Bone Zone is more challenging -- and more rewarding.

Graduating to The Bone Zone Gold Farming in Vampire Survivors

Our next step in Vampire Survivors Gold Farming is advancing to The Bone Zone. As with Inverse Moongolow, moving on to the next stage has some upsides and some downsides.

The Downsides of The Bone Zone

First and foremost, you won't have access to all of the Passive Items -- this means you'll have to rely on the strength you've gained from purchasing Golden Eggs. You should only get Passive Items that will unlock the Evolutions you need.

Adding to your problems, the enemies in The Bone Zone are a lot tougher, too -- and they grow stronger over time. You're going to have a difficult time in the early parts of the game as you're leveling Big Trouser.

The Bone Zone's Not All That Bad

The upside, however, is that you have a lot more opportunities to earn Gold. The Bone Zone has a +50% Gold Bonus by default. That increases to +100% with Hyper Mode turned on and a stunning +300% with Inverse Mode turned on.

Your job is the same -- kill enemies, gain Gold, and purchase more Golden Eggs to further increase Big Trouser's strength.

Once you have a few thousand Golden Eggs, you can attempt to survive Inverse Bone Zone. If you're finding it too tough, turn off Inverse Mode and continue buying Golden Eggs until you can survive it consistently.

Remember, you cannot power up a character with Golden Eggs forever -- there is an upper limit on certain stats like Might that you cannot surpass, even if you've bought tens of thousands of Golden Eggs. Eventually, you're going to have to use that Gold elsewhere. Once you've maxed out all of Big Trouser's stats, you can start investing your Gold in other characters!

Vampire Survivors Gold Farming Starter Guide - AFK Gold Farming
Eventually, you'll be so powerful that you can simply stand still and collect Gold.

How to AFK Gold Farm in Vampire Survivors

AFK Vampire Survivors Gold farming can't really be done until you've leveled up your character in a run. It gets more difficult as time goes on, and you won't be able to last for very long until you've bought hundreds or thousands of Golden Eggs to permanently increase your character's stats.

Aside from the Disco of Gold Arcana, the Mad Groove Arcana and a high Magnet stat (augmented by buying Golden Eggs) are absolutely required. You'll need the Mad Groove to pull Gold Bags towards you (to start a new Gold Fever), and you'll need the high Magnet to pick up the Gold Bags while standing still.

There isn't much else to address here in terms of gameplay -- if you've already done some Gold farming, you've probably reached a point where you can stand still and your character will pick up what they need.

However, there are some practical problems to consider. Once you start getting beyond an hour of playtime, you'll start to reach the limits of Vampire Survivors' engine on PC. The game will start to chug and slow down a bit.

This problem is made worse if you Alt+Tab out of the game. It depends on your PC setup, but the game can slow down to as little as 10% speed once you start getting tons of enemies and weapon graphics on the screen.

I should also mention that Vampire Survivors doesn't actually keep playing when you lock your computer on Windows 10. For the best AFK gold farming, you'll have to keep the window in focus and you'll have to avoid locking your computer. Alt-tabbing may be preferable if you want to use your PC for other things rather than leaving your PC unsecured overnight. 10% of normal speed may be slow, but it happens in the background while you're doing other things.

Having the correct build (as I've outlined here) is important, but the most essential thing is survivability. It's not true AFK Gold farming if you die every 15 minutes. Keep buying Golden Eggs to increase your stats so you don't have to babysit the game, and don't be afraid to tweak your build to suit your gameplay style. Good luck!

Thanks for checking out our guide on getting started with gold farming in Vampire Survivors -- have a gander at our other guides below!

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