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Soul Hackers 2 places players in a futuristic world on the edge of destruction. If you're familiar with Shin Megami Tensei and its spin-offs there will be a lot about this game that makes sense to you but if you're looking to jump into a full JRPG adventure there are some things you'll want to know. In this Soul Hackers 2 Guide Hub we'll cover frequently asked questions, basic tips, and more to ensure you're prepared going into this JRPG adventure.

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Soul Hackers 2 Starter Guide

What is Soul Level used for?

As you progress through the story your Soul Level will begin increasing with the different characters you encounter. A higher Soul Level will be required in order to progress through each party member's Soul Matrix.

There will be times in the story where you'll need to pick between multiple characters, at that time the Soul Level will display in the top right corner with everyone's current values, and how much will be added by selecting each option. This allows you to better understand what selecting each will do.

You can also increase your Soul Level by inviting characters to Hangouts. These Hangouts are unlocked through story progression and dungeon exploration and will be specific to each character. As long as you're clearing everything as you progress you should be able to get your party Soul Level to 100+ on your first playthrough.

In New Game + your Soul Link will increase even faster, this means that where you'd normally get 10 Soul Link you can now get 20. It pretty much ensures full completion of the Soul Matrix on subsequent playthroughs.

What is Demon Recon?

Once you enter a dungeon your demons will head in to explore ahead of you. Once you find them in the dungeon there are a number of benefits that they can offer you including introducing you to other demons that they've met in their journey, or they could give you a random item. They can also provide progress to both Story and Aion Requests.

  • Heart: The Demon will fully heal your HP and MP (This is normally before a big battle)
  • Hexagons: The Demon will give you money or an item
  • Pixelated Monster: The Demon will have another demon for you to meet and potentially recruit. You'll be unable to recruit them if you're not a high enough level, or if you already have that demon in your party.
    Note: Killing more of a certain type of Demon will make it more likely that you're able to recruit it
  • Triangles shifting: If the Demon has a series of shifting triangles above its head you'll be launched directly into combat (This is normally tied to a quest line)

There's a chance the border of the symbol will also have stars around it, if it does it means what you'll get will be rarer. This might mean a rarer item, or a more powerful monster to recruit

Communicating with Demons

As you explore dungeons you'll have a variety of opportunities to recruit more Demons to your cause. Once you begin a conversation with a Demon they will ask you for money or an item. Depending on whether you give it to them or not they'll choose to join your party.

An image of discussion with a cat themed Demon In Soul Hackers 2
You caught a new Pokemon! err... Demon

Raising your Demons

Each demon has the potential to grow, but only to a certain extent. Once a Demon has learned all of its stills it will give you a special gift. After learning all its moves though it begins to level up slower. When you have a fully leveled Demon it's in your best interest to swap it around with other Demons to keep your team at maximum potential.

What is the Soul Matrix?

Early on in the game, you'll be introduced to the Soul Matrix, it's a physical manifestation of the souls that Ringo has connected to and has been brought to life via Aion. What this translates to in the game though is the kind of generic dungeon that you're used to if you've played Shin Megami Tensei or Persona.

Each person that Ringo has Soul Hacked will have a doorway, and exploring these will lead you to encounters with Demons, mini-bosses, and more. Completing each floor will allow you to learn more about a character's backstory as well as unlock added abilities.

What are some settings that you'll want to change?

Shortly after the start of the game, you'll be shown how to get to the pause menu. There are a number of settings you'll likely want to change here to improve your Soul Hackers 2 experience.

  • Display - Window: If you're playing on PC you'll likely want to swap this from Fullscreen to Borderless Fullscreen
  • Gameplay - Message Speed: Here you can make dialogue faster or instant to make getting through it faster
  • Gameplay - Battle BGM: If you have the DLC with Persona 5 music here is where you can set the music accordingly
  • Gameplay - Camera Distance: By default the game camera is extremely close behind Ringo, here you can increase how close it is making the game view feel less claustrophobic
  • Gameplay - Ringo's Position: By default Ringo will be on the left side of the screen, this is helpful if the Camera Distance is zoomed in so you can see ahead of you. You can change it to have the camera center on Ringo for a more traditional Third Person experience

Soul Hackers 2 Frequently Asked Questions

When can I access Soul Hacker 2 Fusion?

After completing Soul Hacker 2's first story Soul Matrix dungeon, Arrow's first floor, you'll gain access to the Roppo Realm. It's here that you'll be able to enter Cirque de Goumaden where you can fuse Demons.


Is there a new game plus?

Yes, once you finish the game you can save a Clear Data file. If you load this from the title screen you can start a new game with things carried over from the previous playthrough. You're able to select what you want to carry over to the new playthrough.

Make sure you save it as a separate save as if you overwrite your current progress before beating the final boss you won't be able to return to it.

The following will happen in New Game+

  • Soul Levels grow at an increased rate with each New Game+
  • Additional Personal Events will be available
  • There will be new Requests
  • Any selection you made in a previous playthrough will be marked in case you want to take a different approach

Data that is automatically carried over includes:

  • Shop inventories
  • Outfits
  • Accessories
  • Defeated Enemy Bestiary
  • Consumed Meal information

Data that you can choose to carry over:

  • Character levels
  • COMP upgrades
  • Map completion
  • Money and Mistquartz
  • Items
  • Mistiques
  • Demon Compendium and unlocked fusion

Is Soul Hackers 2 coming to Nintendo Switch?

While previous games from Atlus, including Shin Megami Tensei V, have come to Nintendo's hybrid handheld console at the moment there is no release date for Soul Hackers 2 Nintendo Switch edition.

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