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Persona 3 Portable is now available on modern day consoles. Just like the other Persona titles in Persona 3 Portable you play as the new kid transferring to a new school and a new town. As class begins and demons called shadows begin to attack you unlock your persona to fight them off. There's a lot to know going into Persona 3 Portable such as how to start your Social Links and level them up, and what kinds of persona you should be fusing to get the competitive edge in battle. In this Persona 3 Portable Guide hub we'll cover some of the tips you'll want to know going into Persona 3.

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What is the difference between selecting the Male Protagonist or Female Protagonist?

Persona 3 Portable was unique from Persona 3 and Persona 3 FES that there was an additional option to play as a female protagonist. With it there are a number of changes between the two versions of the game. For the most part, the central story will remain the same, with the player character and their party members investigating the mega-dungeon Tartarus and trying to put an end to the dark hour, but things like your starting persona, Social Links, and more will change... Here is the list of major changes that you'll find across the versions:

  • The weapon types you use are different
  • The starting persona will look like the gender of the selected protagonist
  • Different Social Links are available
    • The male protagonist is able to make a Social Link with his classmate Kenji, the sports star Mamoru, and the Gourmet King Nozomi
    • The female protagonist is able to make a Social Link with party member Junpei, the mysterious Shinjiro, and boxing aficionado Akihiko
  • As the male protagonist you can only date female characters, as the female protagonist you can date both male and female characters
  • Aesthetic changes such as UI colors and soundtracks

The largest change from any of these in is the differing Social Links that you'll come across, as each Social Link has a deep story tied to them it's only by replaying the game as a different protagonist that you'll be able to experience each of these storylines.


How can I keep more Persona's with my protagonist?

When you start the game you'll have 6 Persona that you can keep at a time. As you level up your main character you'll be able to unlock more persona slots

  • Level 10: You can now keep 8 Persona
  • Level 20: You can now keep 10 Persona
  • Level 31: You can now keep 12 Persona

Having more Persona is extremely important when it comes to obtaining Social Links as you will earn bonus points when hanging out with a Social Link if you have a Persona of their arcana


When do I get more party members?

As you progress through the story you'll gain access to more party members. When you start the game you'll be a party of three but many other party members join your group as the game progresses.

  • Start of the game - Yukari and Junpei
  • After the first Mid-Terms - Akihiko Sanada
  • After 6/12 - Mitsuki
  • After Vacation - Aigis
  • After 8/8 - Koromaru
  • After 8/28 - Ken Amada
  • After 9/2 - Shinjiro Aragaki


How can I save Chidori?

During the story there will be a time where Junpei falls for another character who suffers an unfortunate demise. Before she dies however you're able to lay down the groundwork for her to be revived. There is no in-game benefit to her being revived, nor is there an achievement or trophy attached to it. In order to get the cutscene that shows that this character is still alive you need to talk to Junpei in the dorms at night on at least three out of the four dates. The dates you need to talk with Junpei are:

  • 11/6
  • 11/11
  • 11/14
  • 11/24

When you talk to Junpei he won't be sure if he wants to go to be with Chidori, or leave her be. At each opportunity to talk with him you should egg him on to go and talk to her.

You'll know that the revival is going to be successful if you get a cutscene of Mitsuki getting a phone call at the end of November about someone transmogrifying. Continue through the game as normal and there will be another special event that occurs on 1/21


Persona 3 Portable - FAQ

Does Persona 3 Portable have a New Game+?

Yes, there is a New Game+ in Persona 3 Portable known as the New Cycle. There are a large number of things that carry over between playthroughs so if you're trying to 100% complete the game you'll likely end up repeating it a few times. The following carries over between playthroughs:

  • Main Character Level
  • Persona available to summon from your Persona Compandium
  • The items obtained for maxing out a Social Link
  • Money
  • Equippable items
  • Charm/Courage/Academic stats


What date does Persona 3 Portable end with?

The final date for the standard game is December 31st, there are very few dates that are skipped in the game. If you choose to face the ultimate foe then your game will continue through January 31st.


How many Arcana are there in the game?

There's a total of 21 Arcana. These are numbered 1 through 20 with a second gold arcana with the number 20 on it as the 21st Arcana. Some of these Arcana unlock automatically as you progress through the story, some unlock as you hang out with party members, and there are others with more complicated unlock requirements. Be sure to explore around to find them all, or check out our Social Link guide.

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