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The Male Protagonist interacting with one of his social links

Persona 3 Portable is an updated release of the original Persona 3 and Persona 3 FES. With it there were a number of changes and one of them was that as well as the Male protagonist there was also a Female Protagonist introduced. With the introduction of a Female Protagonist also brought with it differences in the Social Link events that you could take place in. In this Persona 3 Portable Male Protagonist Social Link Response Guide we'll cover all of the different rank-up events that occur with the Male Protagonist Social Links and what response you should pick for maximum points.

If you're interested in how to start each of these Social Links then be sure to check out our Persona 3 Portable Social Links Guide, it's also good for some tips on how you can speed up the Social Link process allowing you to reach Rank 10 with as minimal interactions as possible.

It's important to note that there will be no answers here for the Fool Arcana, Death Arcana, or Judgement Arcana as those unlock automatically through the story and will always reach Rank 10 through the process of the story.

-01- Magician Arcana - Classmate (Kenji Tomochika)

  • Rank 1 - Automatically unlocks on 4/23
  • Rank 2 - Tell him that you can't visit girls rooms, and you're into older women to get this rank.
  • Rank 3 - Ask him if he's talking about "life", and then tell him to "go for it"
  • Rank 4 - When he says he's going to try asking someone out tell him "good luck"
  • Rank 5 - When he asks for your feedback tell him you "agree"
  • Rank 6 - Use the first answer for both prompts. 
  • Rank 7 - When Kenji isn't eating "ask what's wrong", the magazine is "Bride-to-be Magazine", then "congratulate" Kenji on his plan
  • Rank 8 - Ask "Are you in trouble?", when he reveals that Emiri is being transferred say "You should talk to her"
  • Rank 9 - When you get a chance you should "confront Emiri"
  • Rank 10 - Any option here will be correct

-02- Priestess Arcana - Fuuka Yamagishi

  • Rank 1 - After meeting the requirements and Fuuka has joined SEES speak with her in the 2nd Floor School hallway.
  • Rank 2 - Select the first answer.
  • Rank 3 - Select the first answer both times
  • Rank 4 - Select the second option
  • Rank 5 - Tell her she "did a great job" on her rice ball, then let her know you "didn't teach her anything"
  • Rank 6 - When she said she'll do her best respond with "Okay."
  • Rank 7 - Any answer here will net you the most points
  • Rank 8 - When asked about your positivity reply that "I've never thought about it", and then tell her you "want to be with her too"
  • Rank 9 - Tell her "That's Great", and after she confesses to you "hold her hand"
  • Rank 10 - Talk to Fuuka on 1/9

Mitsuru expressing her love in Persona 3 Portable

-03- Empress Arcana - Mitsuru Kirijo

  • Rank 1 - Speak to Mitsuru in front of the Faculty Office on the 1st floor of the school after 9/21. You might need to ask her a few times for it to trigger.
  • Rank 2 - When she's nervous ask "Is this your first time?"
  • Rank 3 - When she feels dejected "ask her to treat you", then "does that make you happy?". Wjem sjh camnt explain why tell her "maybe you're in love" and then simply "Agree to forget about it"
  • Rank 4 - When she tells you you'll be looking back on things ask "Did something happen?", when she asks what you think about marriage tell her "It's the result of love", for her final question whatever you answer will be the same
  • Rank 5 - Tell her you're "glad she enjoyed it", and when she makes a comment about a motorcycle respond with "A motorcycle?", the suggest "let's go for a ride"
  • Rank 6 - While she's looking at the bookshelf offer "Can I get a book for you?", when she thinks it's the best situation exclaim "That's news to me", and that "she has to reconsider"
  • Rank 7 - Tell her "Let's do it!"
  • Rank 8 - For the first two questions you can answer anything, then "say something to the guy", for the last prompt you should "Stop her"
  • Rank 9 - Tell her "That makes me happy"
  • Rank 10 - Any answer will work here

-04- Emperor Arcana - Student Council (Hidetoshi Odagiri)

  • Rank 1 - On 4/27 you will join the Student Council. After being invited go to the Faculty Room to sign up, then return to the 2nd floor to enter the room. (Daytime)
  • Rank 2 - Any answer will work here
  • Rank 3 - When the members are glaring as "What happened?"
  • Rank 4 - Intervene in the fight and then tell him he did a good job.
  • Rank 5 - Tell Hidetoshi that people can be cruel.
  • Rank 6 - Ask if Hidetoshi "isn't going home yet", and then that you "just got here"
  • Rank 7 - Say that the smoker "should suffer"
  • Rank 8 - When Chihiro asks you what happened to Hidetoshi ask her "What do you mean?, after he spots you tell him "It wasn't me"
  • Rank 9 - Tell him it's a "Good thing he noticed"
  • Rank 10 - Any answer will work here

-05- Hierophant Arcana - Old Couple (Bunkichi and Mitsuko)

  • Rank 1 - The couple will tell you about a persimmon tree, find it on the way to the athletics field in the school and obtain a leaf. Return to the couple after. 
  • Rank 2 - Any answer will work here
  • Rank 3 - Any answer will work here
  • Rank 4 - Say that "you should go to Gekkoukan too", then "Ask what happened" to Mitsuko, finally comment that the tree being cut down "has me worried"
  • Rank 5 - Tell Bunkichi that you'll "root out the truth" and that they "shouldn't worry"
  • Rank 6-  Ask them to "stop quarreling", and then tell them "it'll be okay".
  • Rank 7 - "Ask why Mitsuko is crying", respond with "That's great" when you hear the news about the tree, When asked if you're the one that called them respond with "What are you talking about?"
  • Rank 8 - You can pick any answer here. 
  • Rank 9 - Once again you can pick any answer here
  • Rank 10 - Any answer here will work
  • Important Notes: During the story Bunkichi will get trapped in Tartarus. You'll get a notification that he's stuck in Tartarus on 9/12 and you'll need to save him before 10/04 otherwise you'll no longer be able to progress this Social Link.

-06- Lovers Arcana - Yukari Takeba

  • Rank 1 - Speak to Yukari in the classroom after 7/24.
  • Rank 2 - Talk with Yukari in the classroom. Select the first option both times.
  • Rank 3 - Ask her "What makes you say that?" when she brings up her mom.
  • Rank 4 - Ask "Are you alright?"
  • Rank 5 - "Look around" after she leaves, after a moment "go look for her" then "help her" and apologize saying "Sorry"
  • Rank 6 - When she thanks you for your help you should say "Anytime"
  • Rank 7 - When she asks if you'd like lunch outdoors tell her that that "sounds good"
  • Rank 8 - When you're asked to pick out earrings say "Alright", ask if she's able to "forgive her"
  • Rank 9 - Simply respond with the middle option "......"
  • Rank 10 - Any answer here will do

-07- Chariot Arcana - Sport Team (Kazushi Miyamoto)

  • Rank 1 - From the 2-F classroom on 4/24 go downstairs and out the double doors to the left, cross the field and pick a door to join a sport club.
  • Rank 2 - Attend 1 Sport Club meeting
  • Rank 3 - Any response here will work
  • Rank 4 - Attend another Sports Club meeting after 6/1 and then one on 6/11. Ask where Kazushi went, and how his hospital visit was
  • Rank 5 - Ask if they've been "in the hospital again", and then let Kazushi use your shoulder
  • Rank 6 - Give the second answer for all three options
  • Rank 7 - Answer with the first option both times.
  • Rank 8 - "Look away" when you're asked what you know.
  • Rank 9 - When he's worried about you lugging weight respond with "I'm fine"
  • Rank 10 - Any answer you give here will be correct

Achieving the max rank for the Treasurer Social Link in Persona 3 Portable

-08- Justice Arcana - Treasurer (Chihiro Fushimi)

  • Rank 1 - After 5/7 speak with her for the fourth time and this link will initiate.
  • Rank 2 - When she tries to apologize tell her "not to worry about it" and when she asks if you read tell her you "read Manga", finally tell her it's no problem to be spending time with her
  • Rank 3 - When Chihiro is offended by the other students remark "How Rude" and "agree" to talk about it at the next meeting
  • Rank 4 - When she gets approached you should "Stand threateningly" and then "speak to her calmly"
  • Rank 5 - Select all of the first answers here, there are four.
  • Rank 6 - Ask Chihiro if the collection "is good?" and then ask "what she means" about her comment 
  • Rank 7 - Tell her that "she's not to blame" and that "we have to do something"
  • Rank 8 - "Say something to the gossiping students", then recommend she "talk to the teacher"
  • Rank 9 - Select all of the first answers
  • Rank 10 - Select the first answer both times

-09- Hermit Arcana - Online Game (Maya)

  • Rank 1 - Interact with the laptop in your room and select Play the MMORPG on 4/29
  • Rank 2 - Any answer here will work
  • Rank 3 - Any answer here will work
  • Rank 4 - Ask "who Mr. E is", ask if she "is a teacher"
  • Rank 5 - Select the first answer, and then the third answer twice.
  • Rank 6 - Ask Maya to "calm down", 
  • Rank 7 - Say that "guys like younger chicks", say "she um… what?" to the comment about stuffed bras
  • Rank 8 - Tell her to "Hurry up and tell you" what she's nervous about, and then ask "what is he like?"
  • Rank 9 - Respond with "No Way!", and tell Maya "don't worry about that", finally ask "what she is planning"
  • Rank 10 - Ask her "what she's upset about", then ask if "that's why she's sorry", when she says she's leaving tell her that "you'll miss her"

-10- Fortune Arcana - Keisuke Hiraga

  • Rank 1 - Join a club
  • Rank 2 - Any answers here are the best
  • Rank 3 - When prompted for what you will say to him tell him "Great job!"
  • Rank 4 - Any answer here will work
  • Rank 5 - Any answer here will work
  • Rank 6 - When he states how everyone is working hard tell him "so are you" and then that he should "Do whatever he wants"
  • Rank 7 - Here ask "Are you gonna be a doctor?"
  • Rank 8 - When asked how your memory is tell Keisuke "Yeah, I'm fine", after that any answer should be ok
  • Rank 9 - When Keisuke tries to go you should "Try to stop him", after that any answer will work
  • Rank 10 - Any answer will work here

-11- Strength Arcana - Yuko Nishiwaki

  • Rank 1 - Achieve the above requirement and interact with Yuko from 4/28 onwards to start this
  • Rank 2 - When she's exhausted ask "What happened?", "agree" with her, and then tell her that "that's true!"
  • Rank 3 - When she asks if she eats too much tell ehr "Not Really", you can tell her "it's kinda nice" to have girls around you
  • Rank 4 - Ask her "What's Wrong", then if this "happens often", at the mall tell her "no worries" and that you're "honored" to be called her boyfriend
  • Rank 5 - "Hold Yuko's hand", then ask if "she knew" the elementary box that walked into her, then tell her to "go for it" when she asks about being a coach
  • Rank 6 - Tell her you two should "Hope for the best"
  • Rank 7 - Ask if she is "relieved", and then ask her "What for?" 
  • Rank 8 - Tell her "yeah, you like them" when she asks about children. Then tell her you want a "girl"
  • Rank 9 - Tell her "Forget about what?", then guess that she wants to be "an instructor"
  • Rank 10 - Any answer here will work

Maiko's parents fight in a scene in Persona 3 Portable

-12- Hanged Man Arcana - Girl at the Shrine (Maiko)

  • Rank 1 - On 5/6 travel to the shrine and talk with the girl, give her the previously purchased items when she asks for food and drink
  • Rank 2 - Select all the first responses.
  • Rank 3 - When the young man asks who you are tell them you're "Maiko's friend", at the restaurant reassure Maiko "don't worry, he'll be there"
  • Rank 4 - Answer that you're happy for her to have time with her parents, and then 
  • Rank 5 - When she reveals her father hit her say that "That's terrible", and then tell her "it isn't true" that they wouldn't care if she wasn't here
  • Rank 6 - Tell her to not "do anything hasty", and then that snacks and health insurance card "should be enough"
  • Rank 7 - Any answer here should work
  • Rank 8 - Say that you want a "hamburger", tell her that she "did good" by listening to her parents, then tell her to "choose her dad"
  • Rank 9 - Select the first answer
  • Rank 10 - Any answer here will work
  • Important Information: Maiko will get stuck in Tartarus on 10/21 and must be saved before 11/3 otherwise you will not be able to progress in this social link.

-14- Temperance Arcana - Transfer Student (Bebe)

  • Rank 1 - Complete the above requirement and interact with Bebe in the Home Economics room
  • Rank 2 - Visit the Home Ec Room on 5/29 to continue. When he asks if you want to be taught say "Sure, let's go", and at the mall say how "Japan is great"
  • Rank 3 - When Bebe congratulates you about your skill tell him "Not really" and then suggest he makes "something traditional"
  • Rank 4 - When Bebe is quiet ask if "he's alright", then exclaim "what!?"
  • Rank 5 - Agree to get food with him, and then tell him to stay.
  • Rank 6 - Suggest you "take a break", say "alright" when he asks if you want to the sweet shop, finally show him your "support"
  • Rank 7 - Tell him it's a "Good Idea"
  • Rank 8 - Reassure that his uncle will "agree for sure"
  • Rank 9 - When prompted "Ask about his country"
  • Rank 10 - "Compliment him" when he is done with the kimono, and that you'll "be expecting him"
  • Important Information: You must interact with Bebe before the Third Full Moon otherwise you'll be unable to start this Social Link

-15- Devil Arcana - Businessman (President Tanaka)

  • Rank 1 - Begin talking to Tanaka in the Paulownia mall on 6/16 to start paying him nightly to begin the Social Link on 6/23.
  • Rank 2 - Repeat "Placebo" and explain "wow!"
  • Rank 3 - When asked if you're interested in stock trading say "maybe a little"
  • Rank 4 - When asked if you've wanted to be able to look through bathing suits say "I sure have!"
  • Rank 5 - Ask "What happened?", and then that you "feel sorry for him", finally ask "How bad is it?"
  • Rank 6 - Comment that a class reunion "sounds fun"
  • Rank 7 - When he asks if there's something different say "Sort of…", then tell him the supermarket would stock "the organic cucumber"
  • Rank 8 - When he explains how he was accosted respond with "Oh, really?"
  • Rank 9 - Ask if he is "going to donate?"
  • Rank 10 - There are no options

-16- Tower Arcana - Unusual Monk (Monk)

  • Rank 1 - Complete the above requirements and then complete an order at the bar and talk to the monk to start this Arcana.
  • Rank 2 - When he asks what you're up to tell him "None of your business" then "apologize" when he says you should have respect
  • Rank 3 - Tell him that you "don't have any friends"
  • Rank 4 - Select the first option.
  • Rank 5 - When he asks about your money tell him you "have enough", and that there's "nothing" you want right now
  • Rank 6 - Answer with the first response to each question.
  • Rank 7 - When he wants to perform tell him "you don't think he should"
  • Rank 8 - Ask him "dad?", tell him you were "with a friend", and then ask "what're you talking about?" when he mentions clients. When he talks about his home like ask if he is "running away"
  • Rank 9 - Any answer you use here should work.
  • Rank 10 - Tell him his plan is "Awesome"

The protagonist finding Mamory in Persona 3 Portable

-17- Star Arcana - Rival Athlete (Mamoru Hayase)

  • Rank 1 - You can meet Mamoru at the Iwatodai Strip Mall from August 9th onwards
  • Rank 2 - Joke with him saying "No pressure, huh?", and then state that you see "yourself, really" as your biggest rival
  • Rank 3 - When he asks if you should buy some for them ask him "Who do you mean?", then say it "sounds like fun" to be packed in
  • Rank 4 - Ask if he is "Enjoying his food", tell him his plans for a scholarship "sound like a good plan", then say "Yeah, I bet she would be" when he comments about his mother being relieved
  • Rank 5 - Ask "Are you okay?", and then suggest that "we should come here again"
  • Rank 6 - "Stay and wait a bit longer", then "keep waiting for him".  And lastly "Wait just a bit longer" ad Mamoru will call. While on the phone tell him "Hey, no problem"
  • Rank 7 - When he thanks you tell him "I don't mind," agree with him saying "Yeah, that's tough", when he's wishing his dad was still alive state "Well do something about it", and then "don't give up!"
  • Rank 8 - Tell him "you should get some more", then tell him "Don't worry about it."
  • Rank 9 - Ask "And you won?", then "do a victory celebration" for him, ask "What's next for you?", and finally "thank him for his generosity"
  • Rank 10 - Clarify with him "Take off?", then "Stop Mamoru from leaving", ask him "What's this for?" when he hands you car keys

-18- Moon Arcana - Gourmet King (Nozomi Suemitsu)

  • Rank 1 - Speak to Nozomi, the student sitting on the bench in the Paulownia Mall, after 7/13. Ask him what he's eating and then pass his gourmet quiz. The answers are "Pheromone Coffee", "Green", and "Hagakure Bowl" and then you'll need to give him Rancid Gravy or an Odd Morsel (You can acquire Odd Morsel from Tartarus)
  • Rank 2 - When he asks if you want an older brother say "sure"
  • Rank 3 - You don't need to answer anything here.
  • Rank 4 - Ask "Oh, are you sick?"
  • Rank 5 - Agree with Nozomi saying "Yeah, that's right"
  • Rank 6 - Ask if he is "feeling sick"
  • Rank 7 - When he starts talking about the end of the world exclaim "Wiped off the face of…!?" then tell him that "that's ridiculous"
  • Rank 8 - When he comments how he's now paper-thin say "Oh brother."
  • Rank 9 - Say "You're scamming them too?". 
  • Rank 10 - Any answer here will work

-19- Sun Arcana - Dying Young Man (Akinari Kamiki)

  • Rank 1 - The Sunday after encountering him during the Hanged Man Rank 4 event talk with him to learn he's lost a pen, interact with Koromaru (the dog member of your party) in the dorm at night to obtain the pen, and then return it to Akinari on Sunday
  • Rank 2 - When he tells you you're not like the others ask him "How am I different?", then that "that's a good point"
  • Rank 3 - When he asks why it's happening to him tell him "I don't know" and then "Try not to talk too much"
  • Rank 4 - Tell him "Yes, I like reading", and then "If it's boring, I stop reading"
  • Rank 5 - For this conversation "Reprimand Akinari"
  • Rank 6 - When asked about the Pink Aligator say "Hey, that's cool" and when asked about the story tell him "It sounds interesting"
  • Rank 7 - Tell him "That's a good story"
  • Rank 8 - Any answer you make here will be ok
  • Rank 9 - Any answer you make here will also be ok
  • Rank 10 - Any answer will work here

The Social Link page for Aigis and the Aeon Arcana in Persona 3 Portable

-20- Aeon Arcana - Aigis

  • Rank 1 - Speak to Aigis in the 2-F classroom after 1/8
  • Rank 2 - Say "you like it" when asked about the town
  • Rank 3 - Say "I don't think we can", and then "That's not true"
  • Rank 4 - Select the first answer every time.
  • Rank 5 - Tell her "You may be right"
  • Rank 6 - When she asks if she did anything wrong tell her "No, you didn't"
  • Rank 7 - Any answer here will do.
  • Rank 8 - When she is being curious respond "I'm doing it now", and then that "She's not in the way"
  • Rank 9 - Tell her "you're right"
  • Rank 10 - Any answer here will work


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