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Paleo Pines Starter Guide - Cover Image Player Character and Lucky Meeting Mari and Owynn for the First Time on the Ranch

Our Paleo Pines Starter Guide will teach you the basics of this Farming RPG and walk you through your first few days in the game!

Paleo Pines is a Farming RPG that will subvert your expectations somewhat -- rather than build up a collection of Tools, you'll Tame Dinosaurs to help you on your Farm. There's a lot to learn about a game that mixes up the Farming RPG formula, so read on to learn about the basics!

Paleo Pines HUD Explanation

The Paleo Pines HUD changes slightly depending on whether you're on foot or you're riding a Dinosaur. We'll break down both, starting with when you're on foot.

Paleo Pines Starter Guide - H.U.D. Explanation on Foot

  1. Stamina - The Stamina bar will only appear when you're using Stamina. Stamina is like Energy in other Farming RPGs; watering Crops, Tilling the Soil, or sprinting will drain your Stamina. I don't know if there's a way to restore Stamina; if there is, it's not easy or cheap. Basically: when your Stamina runs out, you're done with working for the day.
  2. Status Message - Messages about gaining or losing items will pop up here. Occasionally, a change in your Dinosaur's status will pop up here, too.
  3. Dinosaur Status - If you have a Dinosaur following you, this will show you its current status. The circle represents how much experience the Dinosaur has, and the green bar on the bottom represents the Dinosaur's Stamina.
  4. Context-Sensitive Menu - This menu shows you the important hotkeys and will pop up context-sensitive options for left-click and right-click depending on what you're doing. The default options include:
    1. M - Map
    2. J - Journal
    3. I - Inventory

Paleo Pines Starter Guide - H.U.D. Explanation While Mounted

  1. Dinosaur Stamina and Experience - Dinosaurs have Stamina, too, although they have much more than you do. The bar also shows you the Dinosaur's current level and how much progress has been made toward the next level in the yellow circle around the level number.

That's the basics of it; much of the Paleo Pines HUD is minimalistic and context-sensitive. You won't really see much in the way of an on-screen UI unless you need it!

Paleo Pines Starter Guide - Starter Guide Reaching the Ranch with Lucky for the First Time

Paleo Pines Starter Guide

We've got the HUD explanation out of the way, so let's get moving with the Paleo Pines Starter Guide! We'll walk you through the basics of your first few minutes of the game.

Creating Your Character

Naturally, your first step is creating your character. You can select from a variety of clothing options and body features.

Don't worry too much about your clothing; you can change all of it later once you encounter a certain NPC in the town of Pebble Plaza.

Reaching the Ranch (and a Short Tutorial)

Once you've created your character, you'll be treated to a cutscene. You'll then arrive on the Ranch for the first time. There's a short mandatory tutorial that will teach you the controls and how to mount your first Dinosaur, Lucky.

Lucky will help you gain access to the Ranch house, allowing you to go to bed for the night.

Paleo Pines Starter Guide - Cleaning up the Ranch
Lucky can remove the Debris on the ground, but it will drain her Stamina. You'll only be able to remove a few pieces of Debris every day at first.

Starting a New Day

Day 2 will begin with Owynn and Mari visiting you on the Ranch. They'll talk about how Lucky is actually a pretty rare Dinosaur and that you're lucky to have her.

The tutorial will continue, teaching you how to put Dinosaur food in a Trough so you can feed Lucky. Once that's done, you'll be able to mount Lucky and move around.

You'll also get access to the Journal. The Journal records all sorts of important information including the people you've met, the Crops you've discovered, the Dinosaurs you've Tamed, and your current Quests.

Hop onto Lucky and head out of the Ranch. It's time to go to Pebble Plaza!

Heading to Town

Exit the Ranch and head down the road toward the stone bridge. Along the way, you'll see a couple of interesting items next to a signpost.

Paleo Pines Starter Guide - Large Dreamstone and a Clover

The big crystal is a Large Dreamstone -- you'll need a Dreamstone for each Dinosaur you want to have on your Ranch. Dreamstones come in two sizes, Small and Large.

Next to the Dreamstone is a Clover. This is one of the many gatherables you can find in the world. You have to record a new gatherable in your Journal before you can collect it.

Collect the Clover and the Large Dreamstone, then head to Pebble Plaza. You'll meet Granny Agami just outside.

Visiting Pebble Plaza

Agami will take you to Pebble Plaza, the local town in Veridian Valley. Agami will give you a quick introduction to all the vendors.

After the introductions are over, it's time to do some shopping! Agami gave you 250 Shells (the Money used in Paleo Pines). Here's what you should buy:

  • 2 Spring Onion Seeds from Agami
  • 5 Potato Seeds from Agami
  • Spend the rest on Herbivore Food at Corlan's

In addition to your purchases, Agami will give you 10 Carrot Seeds (for a Quest) and 3 Spring Onion Seeds. Your purchases will bring you up to a total of 10 Carrot Seeds, 5 Potato Seeds, and 10 Spring Onion Seeds (along with the Herbivore Food).

Finally, Agatha will give you a set of basic Tools: a Watering Can, a Hoe, and a Shovel.

Exit Pebble Plaza and Marlo the Forester will stop you from leaving -- he's going to go home with you and help you clean up a little bit.

Cleaning Up the Ranch

Back at the Ranch, Marlo asks you to pick up some old Fenceposts. You'll then place them around Lucky's pen to make a complete and properly-sealed Pen.

Pens are where Dinosaurs will live. Pens can be associated with a Biome depending on the Furniture you place inside, and you can have multiple Dinosaurs living in the same Pen. There are, however, two things to consider when building Pens.

First, never mix Carnivores and Herbivores. Dinosaurs don't like seeing anything other than their own Food. Build a separate Pen for Carnivores and a separate pen for Herbivores.

Secondly, keep in mind that every Dinosaur has social requirements. They are:

  • Loner - These Dinosaurs prefer to be alone.
  • Pack - These Dinosaurs prefer to have a small group.
  • Herd - These Dinosaurs prefer to have a large group.

You can check the status of a pen in your Journal. Dinosaurs can deal with some inconveniences, but they're happiest if you place them in ideal conditions. Keep that in mind when building Pens for your Dinosaurs!

Once you've completed the Pen, you'll complete the Quest "Settling In." You now have the opportunity to actually work on your Farm.

Planting Your First Crops

With Marlo gone, it's time to get to work. We're going to plant our first Crops!

First, clear out a small area in front of the ranch.

Paleo Pines Starter Guide - Clearing Out a Small Area for the Ranch

Next, we'll need to till a small area for the Crops we've bought.

Till a 4x5 area in front of the Ranch.

Plant your Crops by selecting them in your Inventory.

Now it's time to water them. Unfortunately, there's no water nearby -- let's change that. Head toward the front gate of the Ranch and you'll see a Medium Pond.

Paleo Pines Starter Guide - Medium Pond at the Front of the Ranch

You can pick up the Medium Pond like any other Furniture.

Move the Medium Pond closer to your Crops. Then, water them all.

Paleo Pines Starter Guide - First Batch of Crops Watered

After you've planted the Crops, use your Journal to learn about them. This will permanently add the Crop information to your Journal.

With that done, you're pretty much ready to end your day. You can take some time to explore and gather forageables out in the wilds if you want. You can also use up the rest of Lucky's Stamina to clean up some more of the Ranch.

When you're out of stuff to do, go to the Ranch House. Save your game, then go to Bed.

Tootin' the Flute

On Day 3, you'll wake up to Lucky digging up the ground just outside of the ranch. You'll then play through a short tutorial on using the Flute.

The Flute is used to Tame Dinosaurs and it's also used to command them. Take a look at this late-game screenshot to see what I mean:

Paleo Pines Starter Guide - Flute Commands Example

These are the commands that you can use:

  • Yoo Hoo - Gets the attention of a Dinosaur you're looking at and allows you to use other commands.
  • Follow Me - A Friendly Dinosaur will follow you.
  • Wait There - A Friendly Dinosaur will hold its position.
  • See You Later - The Dinosaur will return home.
  • Friend Call - A unique song that is used to Tame a Dinosaur. It can also make them Happier once per day.
  • This Is Your Home Now - This command can only be used when a Dinosaur is standing inside of a Pen that is not their own. You can use this command to move Dinosaurs to a new Pen.
  • Move to the Wilds - This command can only be used when outside of the Ranch. It effectively sends away a Dinosaur into the wilds, removing them from your Ranch.

The Adventure Continues

With your Flute in hand, you can now get out into the world and start Taming Dinosaurs! I recommend that you start with a Styracosaurus which can be found right outside of the Ranch -- you'll need it later.

Here's one important tip: keep your Farm to a total of 20 Farm Plots. You're limited in what you can do by your Stamina, but you can Tame Dinosaurs who can help you till Farm Plots, water Crops, and even harvest your grown Crops. Until you do, though, you can only practically handle around 20 Farm Plots.

There's a big Map to explore, new zones to unlock, and a lot of Crops to plant. You're now equipped with the basic knowledge to excel in Paleo Pines. Make sure to check out our other guides below!

Paleo Pines Starter Guide - F.A.Q. A Dinosaur Chomping on Owyn's Notes Oh No

Paleo Pines F.A.Q.

What is Paleo Pines?

Paleo Pines is a Farming RPG where players explore a mysterious land where humans and Dinosaurs live together in harmony, taming Dinosaurs and training them to help you with your Farm.

Is Paleo Pines Multiplayer?

No, Paleo Pines is not multiplayer.

Where is the Paleo Pines Save File?

Unfortunately, we haven't been able to local the Paleo Pines Save File.

How Do You Refill Your Stamina in Paleo Pines?

As far as we know, you can't refill your Stamina or your Dinosaur's Stamina in Paleo Pines.

Thanks for reading our Paleo Pines Starter Guide. Make sure to check out our other guides below!

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