How to Make Money in Paleo Pines

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If you want to know how to make Money in Paleo Pines, you're in the right place -- check out our guide to learn how to make the biggest profits!

A lot of your time in Paleo Pines will be spent growing Crops and tending to your Dinosaurs, but that's not all you need -- you're also going to need some Money (or rather, Shells) to get all of the supplies you need. Read on to learn all of the ways you can make Money!

How to Make Money in Paleo Pines - Trading with Corlan
Merchants won't buy just anything; you can only sell certain items to certain Merchants. Corlan, for example, usually only purchases Crops.

Best Way to Make Money in Paleo Pines

There are three ways to make Money in Paleo Pines:

  1. Sell Crops
  2. Sell Crafting and Building Materials
  3. Complete Quests

The most consistent and reliable way to make Money in Paleo Pines is through Farming. Buy some Seeds, grow some Crops, and sell the Crops. Use a small portion of the profits to get more Seeds, then hold onto the rest for whatever you need it for.

You will also occasionally get some Shells through Quests, either through normal Story progression or on the Bulletin Board in Pebble Plaza. These are somewhat rare, though, and you can't rely on them to appear on a regular basis.

The final way you can make Money in Paleo Pines is by selling your Building and Crafting Materials such as Wood, Stone, and Fiber. Marlo, for example, will buy all three of these items.

However, you should take care not to sell all of your materials -- you might want to have Marlo make something for you and you'll be kicking yourself if you traded away a useful item for a few extra Shells.

I recommend that you should always hold onto at least 200 to 300 of these items, just in case you need them for something. If you have more than that, you can comfortably sell it without worrying about lacking materials for a new Custom Order with one of the Merchants.

Finally, if you want to make Money fast, your best bet is to focus on Farming. Give your Dinosaurs a basic level of care so they won't run away and end your day as soon as you've tended to your Dinos and your Crops. While you'll miss out on in-game time, you'll speed things up in the real world significantly.

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