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Paleo Pines Dreamstone Locations Guide - Cover Image Player Character Looking at a Large Dreamstone on the Ranch

Our Paleo Pines Dreamstone Locations Guide will show you where you can find Small Dreamstones and Large Dreamstones for your Dinosaurs in all three zones.

A big part of Paleo Pines' appeal is the Dinosaurs that you can befriend. These Dinosaurs will move onto your Ranch and help you with Farming and other tasks, but you'll also need Dreamstones to keep them comfortable. In this guide, we'll tell you how Dreamstones work and where you can find them!

How Dreamstones Work in Paleo Pines

Dreamstones are an important part of Paleo Pines -- you'll need one for every single Dinosaur that you want to live on your Ranch. Bigger Dinosaurs will need a Large Dreamstone and smaller Dinosaurs will need a Small Dreamstone.

All you need to do is place Dreamstones on the ground in a Pen and it will fulfill the requirement. You can convert Dreamstones to biome-specific sleeping areas for each Dinosaur. These also count as biome-specific Furniture and can change the Biome of a Pen -- that'll certainly make your Dinosaurs Happy.

Dinosaurs won't be very happy without a Dreamstone -- if you plan on collecting a lot of Dinosaurs, you'll need to make sure that you get as many Dreamstones as you can. Keep reading to see every place we've found a Dreamstone!

Where to Find Dreamstones in Paleo Pines

You can find Dreamstones lying on the ground in all three zones on the Map. You can find plenty of Dreamstones in easy-to-access areas, but quite a few of them are concealed behind obstacles such as Logs, Bushes, and Boulders.

The following three Maps show all of the Dreamstones we've confirmed in all three zones. Small circles are Small Dreamstones and large circles are Large Dreamstones.

Paleo Pines Dreamstone Locations in Veridian Valley

Here's a map of Veridian Valley Dreamstone locations!

Paleo Pines Dreamstone Locations Guide - Veridian Valley Dreamstone Locations Map

As the first zone in the game, Veridian Valley has quite a few easy-to-access Dreamstones. One of them is even right in front of your Ranch!

Paleo Pines Dreamstone Locations in Dapplewood

Here's a map of Dapplewood Dreamstone locations!

Paleo Pines Dreamstone Locations Guide - Dapplewood Dreamstone Locations Map

Quite a few Dreamstones in Dapplewood are blocked by obstacles. It's a good idea to bring a team of a Smasher, Slasher, and Stomper Dinosaurs with you so you can clear as many of these obstacles as possible in one trip.

Paleo Pines Dreamstone Locations in Ariacotta Canyon

Here's a map of Ariacotta Canyon Dreamstone locations!

Paleo Pines Dreamstone Locations Guide - Ariacotta Canyon Dreamstone Locations Map

As a desert, Ariacotta Canyon is pretty barren. That doesn't mean you won't find anything good, though -- there are plenty of Dreamstones to be found in this Region!

Now that you're done with the Paleo Pines Dreamstone Locations Guide, why not take a peek at some of our other guides below?

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