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Our Paleo Pines Farming Guide will teach you the basics of Farming and tell you how you can use Dinosaurs to grow tons of Food!

As you might expect, a big part of Paleo Pines is growing Crops. You can sell them, use them for Cooking, or feed them to your Dinosaurs. Read on to learn all about Farming!

How Paleo Pines Farming Works

On its surface, Paleo Pines Farming appears to work just as it does in any other Farming RPG. There are, however, some unique mechanics in play here.

Basic Care for Crops

Here is what you need to do to grow a Crop in Paleo Pines:

  1. Acquire Seeds, typically by buying them in Pebble Plaza.
  2. Till Soil.
  3. Plant Seeds.
  4. Water the Seeds.
  5. Water the Seeds every day until the Crop is fully grown. Remove Weeds when they pop up.
  6. Harvest the Crop.

Some Crops are special. Bushes, for instance, have to be placed in a hole you dig with a Shovel. They don't require any water, either; all you need to do is Fertilize them once a year or so.

Planting in the Correct Soil (and Using Fertilizer)

Crops can be planted year-round and they don't necessarily wither when a new Season starts. However, you won't get the best yields unless you're planting them in the correct Soil.

Every Crop has a "Perfect Soil." Plant a Seed in its associated Perfect Soil and you'll get a higher-quality Crop. Sounds easy enough, right?

Well, here's the rub: when you harvest that Crop, it will automatically convert the Soil to another type. This means that it's a bad idea to keep planting the same Crop in the same place over and over again. Instead, you should rotate to a different Crop with the correct Perfect Soil. When that second Crop is grown, rotate to another Crop with a different Perfect Soil, and so on.

The Need to Weed

Weeding is an important part of Farming and Paleo Pines is no different. If you fail to remove Weeds, your Crops will actually not grow properly.

Weeds can be easily spotted if you look for them -- they are represented by dark green leaves at the bottom of a plant. Always check for Weeds every day and remove them before you end the day!

Water, or Wither

Similarly, watering your Crops every day is equally important. If you don't water your Crops enough, they'll wither and die.

The downside of a withered Crop is that you don't get the finished product. There is one small upside, though -- you'll get a refund on the Seed you planted.

Bumper Crops

Remember when I said planting a Crop in the correct Soil will get you a bonus? Well, there's one other way to get a bonus: plant a Crop in the correct Season, too.

While you can plant any Crop at any time, every Crop has an associated Season as listed in the Journal. Planting a Crop during its Season will also give you a boost to quality.

If you haven't quite put 2 and 2 together yet, you can get an even bigger bonus by planting a Crop in its Season and planting it in its Perfect Soil. If you want to make the most out of Farming, you should aim to do both.

Paleo Pines Farming Guide - Cauliflower Stats
Once you've recorded a new Crop with your Journal, you'll have easy access to its stats and other important information.

How to Get New Crops in Paleo Pines

There are three ways to get new Crops in Paleo Pines:

  1. Advance to a new Season and purchase them from Agami.
  2. Find Seeds on the ground on the Ranch during a rare event.
  3. Unlock Ariacotta Canyon on the Map and buy new Seeds at the Market.
Paleo Pines Farming Guide - Waterer Dinosaur
Dinosaurs are much faster than you when it comes to Farming -- and they have more Stamina, too.

How to Use Dinosaurs for Farming in Paleo Pines

Dinosaurs have Skills, and most of these Skills will help you unlock new areas or find loot. Three of these Skills, however, are directly related to Farming:

  • Tiller - Allows Dinosaurs to Till soil.
  • Waterer - Allows Dinosaurs to drink water and spray it on Crops.
  • Ground Harvester - Allows Dinosaurs to collect large numbers of Crops quickly.

If you really want to start making Money, you're going to want to get a Dinosaur with Tiller, a Dinosaur with Waterer, and a Dinosaur with Ground Harvest. Having at least one of each will allow you to massively expand the size of your Farm. Best of all, you can get more Dinosaurs of the same type to further expand your ability to grow Crops.

Why is this? Simply put, it comes down to Stamina. You have 50 Stamina. A Dinosaur around Level 10 can have 200 to 300 Stamina, and they're much more efficient at using it than you are. Considering that there is no known way to restore your Stamina or increase it, Dinosaurs are essential to large Farming operations.

Thanks for reading our Paleo Pines Farming Guide. Make sure to check out our other guides below!

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