Paleo Pines The Path to Dapplewood Quest Guide | How to Clear the Boulder

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Paleo Pines The Path to Dapplewood Quest Guide - How to Clear the Boulder - Cover Image the Path to Dapplewood Open

This guide will tell you how to complete the Paleo Pines The Path to Dapplewood Quest and clear the Boulder blocking the road to Dapplewood!

Paleo Pines isn't just about growing Crops and making Money -- you also have a whole world with three regions to explore! Unfortunately, two of the regions on the Map are blocked by obstacles, and one of these obstacles is the subject of a quest. Keep reading to learn how to complete "The Path to Dapplewood" Quest!

Paleo Pines The Path to Dapplewood Quest Guide - How to Clear the Boulder - Boulder Blocking the Path to Dapplewood
Caught between a rock and a hard place.

How to Beat Paleo Pines The Path to Dapplewood Quest and Clear the Boulder

If you want to beat the Paleo Pines The Path to Dapplewood Quest, you're going to have to clear the Boulder. You don't have strong enough Tools, though, so how will you do it? The answer is this: you need to get a Dinosaur with the Smasher Skill.

All Dinosaurs have two Skills, and each of those Skills has a different effect. The Stomper Skill, for example, allows a Dinosaur to break Logs for the cost of some Stamina.

The boulder that blocks the path to Dapplewood is also one of these items that can be destroyed by a Dinosaur as long as it has the "Smasher" Skill. (It's pretty hard to miss -- the symbol for this Skill is a broken rock!)

Basically, you need to tame a Dinosaur with the Smasher Skill. The easiest place to do this is to tame one of the Styracosauruses that are right near the entrance to the Ranch in Veridian Valley. All you need is some food, a little patience, and a Crunchy Poppin to make them happy.

Once you've tamed a Styracosaurus (or similarly appropriate Dinosaur), you'll need to keep it Happy for a few days until it changes from "Friend" to "Helper." Once that Dinosaur is a Helper, you can put a Saddle on it and ride it around the world just like Lucky. Take this Dinosaur to the Boulder in question and use its Smasher ability to break the rocks -- you now have access to Dapplewood!

We're at the end of our Paleo Pines The Path to Dapplewood Quest Guide. Make sure to check out our other guides below!

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