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Happy Home Paradise All Unlocks

Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise is a huge DLC that has a massive amount of content to unlock. If you are looking to fill your world with the best vacation homes when possible, then you’re going to want to unlock all the new features as quickly as possible. Keep in mind that this guide is spoiler-heavy, so if you’re wanting to keep parts of the DLC, a surprise scroll with extreme caution. Here's how to unlock everything in Happy Home Paradise!

Happy Home Paradise Customization Upgrades

You will unlock a ton of new features as you progress through the DLC. The most popular out of these is the ability to better edit vacation homes using special features like sounds and partisans walls. In order to unlock all the customization options, you will need to spend a lot of time decorating vacation homes. Below is everything you will unlock and how many houses you will need to decorate to use it:

  • Polishing - 3 houses
  • Room Size - 4 houses
  • Storage - 5 houses
  • Workbench & Uniform Expansion - 6 houses
  • Wall Partitions - 7 houses
  • Polishing Effect Customization -12 houses
  • DIY Furniture, Pillars, and Counters - 15 houses
  • Roommates - 16 houses
  • Soundscapes - 17 houses
  • Second Floor - 18 houses
  • Additional Soundscapes - 23 houses
  • Furniture Catalog - 25 houses
  • Villager Renovations - 30 houses

Villager renovations are the features that allow you to redecorate the houses of the villagers on your island. As you unlock many of the different features above to customize the vacation homes, you will also unlock them for use in your own home. If you have bought the decoration expansions from the Nook shop, then you will be refunded by the Paradise team.

Storage animal crossing

Some features won’t be available to use in your home such as room expansion.

  • Quick Tip: If you want to unlock things fast, you can always speed through home planning by only placing the required items. After you have unlocked the decorations, you can always go back and spruce up the vacation homes.

In addition to these, you will also be given a vine DIY by Neko once you have decorated 5 houses. Keep in mind that you can keep designing homes to your heart’s content as the DLC isn’t time-gated.

Happy Home Paradise Facilities Unlocks

On top of decorating vacation homes, the main island of the DLC has quite a few buildings that are in need of a bit of love. The facilities all unlock at different levels and are fun additions that you can interact with after finishing. Here is when the different facilities unlock:

  • School - 4 houses,
  • Cafe -12 houses
  • Restaurant - 12 houses
  • Hospital - 22 houses
  • Apparel Shop - 30 houses

In some cases, like the cafe, you can buy items from the facilities or even sit in on a special cutscene. Facilities can be edited at any time, just like with houses, and you can freely switch up the staff as you want.

  • Quick Tip: Once you build the school Lief will visit, by speaking with him and listening to his lecture you can unlock hybrid flowers for decorating.
Animal Crossing School Unlock

Happy Home Paradise Pay Raises

There are three pay raises that you can unlock; these will be permanent and apply to all future jobs once earned. These will unlock at:

  • 9,000 Poki - 6 houses
  • 12,000 Poki - 11 houses
  • 15,000 Poki - 19 houses

In addition to these, you will be given more money when you complete one of the facilities.

Happy Home Paradise System Upgrades

There are some upgrades that will be added to enhance your home renovation experience further. These features are:

  • Paradise Planning Network - 2 houses
  • Amiibos Unlocked - 7 houses
  • Visitation Unlocked - 13 houses

The Paradise Planning Network allows you to see other players’ creations, and when you unlock visitation, you can use a Dream World-like feature to visit the vacation homes of other players for inspiration.

Amiibo’s will allow you to call in your favorite characters to decorate homes for. If you don’t have Amiibo’s but aren’t happy with the villagers on your beach, then simply time skip to the next day to refresh the villagers looking for vacation homes. This is the only way to build vacation homes for special characters and also the only way some characters like Pete show up in the game at all.

AC New Horizons Pay Raise

Happy Home Paradise Wardell Upgrades

The Poki shop isn’t left out of the fun, and after you spend enough money, you will unlock some helpful new features from Wardell:

Buy Now Pay Later
Poki Catalog

Buy now pay later is great for when you encounter an item that is too expensive for you to currently buy. While details are a bit vague, it seems you unlock pay later around 100,000 Poki spent and the catalog when you spend 150,000 Poki. Once the catalog is unlocked, you can speak to Wardell to buy any of the items that the shop sells and have them shipped to your home the next day.

In addition to this, you will also get gifts in the mail from the Paradise team. These will come the day after you met a goal.


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