Animal Crossing Fan Videos Recreate Your Favorite TV Show Openings

Published: November 9, 2021 9:55 AM /


A shot from an Animal Crossing recreation of the Cowboy Bebop intro.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons gives players plenty of opportunities to express their creativity by designing homes and islands. One fan, going by the name of Great-Bit Arcade online, is recreating a wide variety of TV show openings in a variety of Animal Crossing fan videos.

Before Animal Crossing: New Horizons was released in March last year, Great-Bit Arcade has made a variety of video game fan videos, such as recreating the trailer for Breath of the Wild in Ocarina of Time. However, G-BA really hit their stride when they transitioned to New Horizons recreations, with their first being a remake of Steamed Hams with Isabelle and Tom Nook. From there, Great-Bit Arcade has mostly been doing recreations of TV show openings, with some of them, such as the opening for Phineas and Ferb, managing to reach up to four million views.

In addition to TV show intros, Great-Bit Arcade's catalog of Animal Crossing fan videos includes some other noteworthy entries. The sitcom opening parody Too Many Cooks gets a remake featuring all your favorite Animal Crossing villagers, plus one serial killer. In another video, Tom Nook and Blathers recreate Seinfeld as they talk about creating an island themed around nothing. Animal Crossing itself even gets a recreation with a video the remakes the trailer for the Japan-exclusive Animal Crossing movie released in 2006. Other than some slight editing for certain effects, all of these videos are done in-engine with the base Animal Crossing: New Horizons game along with its picture mode. The new update for New Horizons has added thousands of new items to the game, including the car used in the Full House recreation seen above, so we can expect Great-Bit Arcade to be making good use of that expanded item catalog!

All of these Animal Crossing fan videos and more can be found on Great-Bit Arcade's YouTube channel. They are even asking for suggestions for what to make next, so if there's a show you want to see given this treatment let them know.


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