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There are two types of villagers that you always start out with in Animal Crossing: New Horizonsand one of them so happens to be a jock. This is the most masculine of the personalities, and as such you'll constantly hear about these animals pumping iron, exercising, consuming copious amounts of, err, protein, and more. Yeah, they can be a little annoying, but they are also quite lovable. If you ever wanted an exercise buddy, these are the best guys for it. Of course, there are some jock villagers that you just love, but also a few bad seeds thrown into the mix.

Worst Jock Villager - Iggly

Credit to Nookipedia.

As I said, there are some villagers that just don't fit the profile. Iggly is one of them. He's a plump fellow, and I have to commend him for embracing the jock lifestyle. That said, nothing about him screams "jock." He's wearing this pink shirt, and his color scheme feels more akin to a smug or lazy villager. I'll just be honest, I think Iggly is pretty lame, and he doesn't fit his personality type. Penguins? They just aren't a great fit for jocks.

Best Jock Villager - Cobb

Credit to Nookipedia.

Cobb doesn't fit the profile of a jock either, but he's definitely way cool. My brother and I think that Cobb is an undead pig, and his appearance seems to suggest there is credence to this theory. He has a bump on the back of his head that's patched up, and it could quite possibly be because he's well, undead. Or maybe he dropped a weight on it in some freak exercise accident.

Furthermore, under his goggles are red eyes, I'm sure of it. And he's this sickly green color, too. He sure fits the bill as "dead."  Either way, he's a jock, and I'm sure that his presumable status as a zombie gives him unlimited strength, and therefore unlimited energy to pump more iron!

Worst Jock Villager - Samson

Credit to Nookipedia.

The worst offense this mouse has committed is being about as boring as boring can be. He's a single color scheme, and frankly there's nothing special about Samson at all. While I am not a fan of Animal Crossing's mice in general for various reasons, Samson would be boring even if I didn't hold that bias. To make matters worse, he's a bit of a jerk, too. His catchphrase is "pipsqueak," which to me just makes me think he's got some sort of Napoleon complex. Samson, we see you, and you're really not that strong. 

Best Jock Villager - Scoot

Credit to Nookipedia.

Scoot is a dork, but he's adorable. Despite being a duck, he at least puts some effort into his jock appearance. The thing is, I don't think he's wearing a helmet. I think Scoot is a little dumb and decided to wear a jockstrap on his head. I'd like to think that when he decided to pump iron for the rest of his life, he wanted to look the part. What better way to show show someone that you're a jock than with a jockstrap? At least, that's what his line of thinking is. You do you, Scoot.

Worst Jock Villager - Curly

Credit to Nookipedia.

Curly is another plain ol' animal, like the past few entries of the worst jock villagers. He's a pink pig, and when I think pig, I don't think of something that likes to exercise a lot. "Pig" is often used as an insult for indulgent people, so if anything, he should belong in the lazy category of villagers. Either way, I'm not sure I understand Nintendo's line of thinking when they made him a jock. If I saw him in my village when I booted up my first save in New Horizons, I'd restart and find a better jock to go with. 

Best Jock Villager - Louie

Credit to Nookipedia.

Louie is a dream villager of mine, and I'm sure he is for many others, as well. Louie is a gorilla, which is an animal known for its strength and large stature. He fits the bill as a jock villager, for sure, but he's also literally Donkey Kong. The color scheme is spot on, his hair style is very close to Donkey Kong's own style (minus the little point), and look that dark pit where his eyes are nestled. He's about as close as you'll get to a Nintendo mascot in Animal Crossing. 

As a side note, if you are indeed lucky enough to get Louie in your town, you should customize an outfit for him. Get him that iconic Donkey Kong tie and put it in the back of the Able Sisters' shop. If you're lucky, he'll buy it and become Donkey Kong proper!

Worst Jock Villager - Dom

Credit to Nookipedia.

I expect to take some heat for this one. Dom is a new villager to the Animal Crossing series, if you don't count Pocket Camp. As such, he is a desirable character to have. He doesn't have a terrible design, but there are better options. The better option I'm talking about our pal Woolio, who hasn't been seen since the original Animal Crossing. He's got this punk rock look with some sweet sunglasses to complement his look. There hasn't been a lazy sheep in the series, so why not go with that, instead?

Best Jock Villager - Snake

Credit to Nookipedia.

Snake has been a favorite for a long time, and there's no wonder why. He's awesome! Snake is one of the more unique looking villagers, with a full-on ninja outfit. His look is complete with the headgear, so that no matter where he goes, he's ready for some ninja action. Furthermore, ninjas have to be in the best shape possible, so it makes sense for him to be a jock. If I saw Snake moving in to my town, I'd be thrilled. He's the perfect companion for Ken the ninja chicken—a smug villager—and a villager I so happen to have.

Worst Jock Villager - Moose

Credit to Nookipedia.

I get some really bad vibes from Moose. First off, his choice for facial hair is awful. Those sideburns need to go, and maybe he'd be tolerable. Regardless, shaving those sideburns can't wipe that awful look off his face. He looks angry, confused, and ready to be a total jerk at any second. Several decades ago, his look might fly, but he needs to get with the times. He's a pretty awful looking mouse, although I'd prefer to call him a rat.

Best Jock Villager - Ribbot

Credit to Nookipedia.

Absolutely, this is a personal choice, because I have a history with Ribbot. A five-year-old me was ecstatic to have a robot move into the town. From then on, it was my goal to be best friends with Ribbot. And I remember, in the original Animal Crossing, his house was just awesome. The space theme of his house fit him well, and also made me a bit jealous. The floating asteroid in Ribbot's house was, as far as I was concerned, the best item in the game. 

As for Ribbot's overall design, it's fantastic. The frogs all have very strong designs, but all the nuts, bolts, and rivets in addition to his clanker of a mouth and piercing robotic eyes made him the coolest dude around. And, about two decades later, Ribbot is still one of the best villager designs, period. Certainly, he's the greatest of the jocks.

What are your favorite jock Animal Crossing: New Horizons villagers? Do you agree with this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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