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There are not many crafting recipes currently available in Aka, but the recipes in-game are either hidden away on a bookshelf or found randomly throughout the different islands. In this Aka crafting guide, we will discuss all of the crafting recipes and their locations, as well as some that do not show up in the crafting menu at all. 

How to Craft in Aka

There really is no trick in Aka to crafting. You simply need to gather the materials needed, open the crafting menu and select the plus button (+) at the bottom right of the crafting menu. None of the crafting recipes need a crafting table or any form of tool to create them, so it makes the process extremely simple to understand and easy to craft. 

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Crafting Recipes in Aka

Here are all of the crafting recipes, where to find the recipe, and the materials needed in Aka: 

Item Materials Tool Recipe Location
Axe x1 Wood, x2 Metal Bar None The Blacksmith 
Backpack x4 Fabric  None Found on one of the bookshelves in the library on Pine Island.
Bamboo Candle x1 Wax, x1 Grass None Found inside the Hut with Kachina the Snake after you remove the brambles. 
Bird House x4 Wood None N/A
Campfire x3 Wood, x5 Rock None N/A
Chair x5 Wood Axe N/A
Chest x6 Wood, x2 Metal Bar Axe Found on one of the bookshelves in the library on Pine Island.
Dog Basket x6 Fabric, x2 Rope  None N/A
Fabric  x6 Grass None N/A
Fence x3 Wood Axe N/A
Futon x7 Bamboo, x5 Fabric, x4 Grass, x1 Metal Bar None N/A
Garden Hoe x1 Wood, x1 Metal Bar None The Blacksmith 
Hat Stand  x2 Wood None Given to you by Matis, the Spider inside of the Hat Shop on Pine Island.
Make A Board (Arrow Sign) x3 Wood, x1 Rope  Axe Given to you by the Wanderer Snail on Pine Island.
Metal Bar x1 Trap (1 Trap = 2 Bars) or x1 Metal Ore (1 Ore = 1 Bar) Forge At the Forge outside of the Blacksmith on Pine Island. 
Pickaxe x1 Wood, x2 Metal Bar None The Blacksmith
Planter x5 Wood, x1 Metal Bar Axe  N/A
Rope x1 Fishing Net Sword  N/A
Rug 1 (Square) x3 Grass, x1 Rope  None Inside your house on the bookshelf under the bed. 
Rug 2 (Round) x2 Grass, x1 Rope None Inside your house on the bookshelf under the bed. 
Shelf  x7 Wood Axe N/A
Shelter x4 Wood, x3 Rope, x6 Grass Sword N/A
Table  x5 Wood, x1 Metal Bar Axe N/A
Torch  x1 Wood, x1 Rope Fire or Campfire  N/A
Toy x1 Wood None N/A
Watering Can x2 Metal Bar None The Blacksmith 
Wax  x3 Bean Fire or Campfire Found on Bamboo Island inside of the Bamboo house on the East side of the Island 
Well x15 Rock, x10 Wood, x6 Rope, x4 Metal Bar None Found by the dog digging up the small holes on the island (specifically the one in front of where the dog is initially stuck.)

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