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Cosmo Gatto
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December 14, 2022 (Calendar)
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Aka is a wonderful yet tragic story of the red panda named Aka. After surviving the Great War that destroyed the world as we know it, they decided to attempt to find peace. 

There are four different islands to explore, each of which will lead you closer and closer to achieving peace within your heart. Though not all of the memories you will be forced to face are necessarily peaceful, and these demons from your past will need to be conquered to find solace. There are farming elements in the game as well, which allow you to grow your own crops and plants to become self-sustaining. More so, you will need to use certain crops and flowers for quests you will come across on the different islands, so having a farm of your own is vital. 

There are plenty of characters you will meet along the way including a lovely spider with a knack for knitting, a witty inventor that comes in handy, and a place to recycle waste you find on the ground to make the world a cleaner place. There are also some not-so-friendly faces that will greet you in the shadows, but in the end, maybe these ghastly figures just want someone to see them as not-so-invisible for once, so be sure to lend your ear. 

The game focuses on finding peace while you are forced to face the demons of your past, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun in the interim. Whether you want to take a soothing hot bath with the monkeys in the hot springs of Bamboo Island, or you want to take a nap on the back of a giant fuzzy monster on the beach, Aka has you covered. 

Aka is non-linear, meaning you can go wherever you want to go and explore what you want to explore without limitations based on the story's progress.