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Farming is a crucial part of Aka, as you will need to harvest crops to use in recipes in order to progress the main storyline. Though there aren't too many crops in the game as of yet, there are still some important things to know before using your green thumb. Some plants do better near other plants, some attract bugs, and some can wither away and spoil causing other plants to go bad as well.

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In this Aka Farming guide, we will not only discuss the crops available, the tools you will need, and the best methods for farming, but the recipes available using these ingredients as well. At the end of this guide, we will also list the potions available in-game, which are used for quests constantly as you progress, so we believe they are worth mentioning here. 

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How to Farm in Aka 

While the farming process is pretty cut and dry, there are a few things worth mentioning when it comes to farming in Aka. Mostly, it is that some plants grow better nearby other plants and some can even attract bugs that will kill your plants and more plants nearby. Farming itself is quite easy. First, you will need to pull out your Garden Hoe and prepare the ground for the seeds. The Garden Hoe can be crafted at the blacksmith with very few materials so make sure to do that first. With the Garden Hoe equipped, you will see a little yellow square which indicated the plot of land about to be prepped. Press the respective button to use the tool, then continue to plow the ground or get your seeds ready! 

To plant the seeds, you will need to have them inside your backpack. From the backpack menu, select the seeds you wish to plant then select the "Sow" option. Again, press the respective button to plant the seeds. Seeds can only be planted on plots that have been prepared by the Garden Hoe. You will need to water your plants daily unless of course, it rains, so make sure to also create a watering can at the blacksmith. You will need to fill the watering can at the well or at the little pond outside of your house every so often to continue to water your plants. 

Crops in Aka 

Here is a quick list of all of the crops available in Aka right now, as well as any special requirements they have and how long they take to grow: 

Crop Name Grow Time Special Requirements
Artichoke About 5 days Grows better next to Cabbage, Onions, and Beans. They may rot or wither.
Beans About 3 days Grows better next to squash and corn. May attract flies and gastropods.
Cabbage About 3-7 days May attract white flies.
Carrot About 3-6 days Planting Onions next to Carrots and vice versa keeps flies from destroying these crops.
Corn About 2-3 days Grows better next to Beans. May attract Gastropods
Onion About 5 days Planting Onions next to Carrots and vice versa keeps flies from destroying these crops.
Squash About 2-3 days Grow better next to Beans and Corn
Wheat About 1-2 days None

There aren't many recipes available currently in Aka, but the ones that are in-game are mostly hidden behind quests and recipes that must be found. In this Aka cooking guide, we will discuss each recipe we have seen, where to find them, what each recipe calls for, how to farm, and what crops you have access to. 

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Aka Cooking Recipes 

Let's take a look at the cooking recipes available in-game since there are not that many to cover. You will find the cooking cauldron needed for a few of these recipes inside Thom's house. Some of these recipes are used for quests, so they become important later on. Here is a list of every cooking recipe in-game we have found and how to make it:

Food Ingredients Where to Find It Utensil
Bamboo Salad x3 Bamboo, x1 Coconut, x1 Cabbage Talk to Boop the Red Panda, Located on Bamboo Island None
Bread x1 Flour You start off with this recipe. Cauldron
Dragon Food x2 Cabbage, x1 Carrot Found inside the baby dragon cave on Pine Island. Sword
Popcorn x2 Corn Found inside the chest located inside of the shipwrecked boat on Palm Island Fire
Soup x1 Carrot, x1 Onion, x1 Bean Talk to Soupo down by the broken boat on Pine Island. Cauldron
Sandwich x1 Bread, x3 Vegetables (can be any vegetables) You start off with this recipe None
Taco x1 Corn, x1 Onion, x1 Cabbage, x1 Vegetable Found inside the chest located in the North Cave on Palm Island Fire

Aka Potions To Craft

Almost all of these potions will be used for quests at some point during the main storyline in Aka, and most of the ingredients are pretty easy to find. You are only able to brew potions at the Witch's Hut on Pine Island at the cauldron inside. The mushrooms and flowers used in these potions can be found all over the different islands, but most of them can be picked right from the first island, Pine Island. The vials are only found in chests, and there are two located in the chests on Pine Island when you first begin the game to get you started. Here is a list of all of the potions in Aka, their ingredients, and what they do:

Potion Recipe Ingredients What it does
Light Walker Potion x1 Vial, x1 Grass, x1 Golden Russula Mushroom, x1 Feather To walk faster!
Antifreeze Potion x1 Vial, x1 Grass, x1 Fly Agaric Mushroom, x1 Golden Flower To stay warm!
Anti-Bramble Potion x1 Vial, x1 Grass, x1 Blue Foot Mushroom Gets rid of evil brambles!
Bleed No More Potion x1 Vial, x1 Grass, x1 Panther Cap Mushroom, x1 Black Flower Can cure any wound!
Medicine Potion x1 Vial, x2 Grass, x1 Green Russula Mushroom Magically cure anything!

That's the end of our Aka Farming guide. Have a look at our other guides below!

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