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Screenshot from Aka of the different islands to visit on the boat, Aka Islands Guide | Locations & Points of Interest

There are four total islands in Aka, each of them directly tying into the main questline and having their own important places to visit as you play through the game. In this Aka islands guide, we will discuss the points of interest to visit while you play, important quest areas, and spots that may be hard to find if you are new to the game. Now, keep in mind that you can go to any island in any order you choose, so this list of areas is not in any specific order. 

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Pine Island in Aka

Pine Island is the first island you come across, as it is where you travel to at the very beginning of the game after the mini tutorial. This island will become your home base of sorts since your home is already there. The first point of interest will of course be your house, as it has two different storage chests for you to utilize from day one. Space in this game is very limited until you located the Backpack and Chest recipe, and these chests come also with items in them for you to use on day one which is also a plus. Here are the main areas in Aka on Pine Island to look out for:

Water Temple in Aka, Aka Islands Guide

Water Temple

The Water Temple is the area located directly West of your home base. It is home to two separate caves; the Dragon Cave and the Totem Cave. The Totem Cave will come into play later, and every island has a cave where the totem is located. You can check out our Totem Locations guide for more information on all the Totems available to collect in-game currently. 

Screenshot of the blacksmith and forge in Aka, Aka Islands Guide


The Blacksmith is pretty important early on, as this is where you will go to craft tools out of metal and wood. These tools are the bread and butter of the game; Pickaxe, Garden Hoe, Axe, and Watering Can. There is a forge located directly outside of the blacksmith where you can melt down traps into metal bars as well as metal ore you will find later on. 

Screenshot of the Witch's Cauldron, Aka Islands Guide

Witch's Cauldron

This Witch's Hut is found directly next to (to the right and up the tree branch ramp) of the Blacksmith. This is the cauldron that will be used to brew potions you need for the main story questline. 

Train and train tracks in Aka, Aka Islands Guide


The train will bring you to a separate part of Pine Island with several shops that are very important to the gameplay. There is a hat shop run by a spider named Matis who gives you the opportunity to choose from any hat on the racks for free. You will need one of the winter hats for the Maple Island questline, as you are not able to climb the mountain unless you have a winter hat on. There is also a refinery that allows you to turn wheat into flour and flour into bread. The tavern is there for you to play cards and listen to music. There is also a library where you can find several recipes, including the Chest recipe. There is also an inventor in the little town who gives you a gear to fix the cable car on Maple Island, which is a part of the main storyline. 

The train is located right next to your house and is pretty hard to miss. This little town is vital to the gameplay, so make sure to check it out. 

The boat at the end of the beach used to travel to different islands in Aka, Aka Islands guide

The Boat

The boat is used to travel to all four of the islands in Aka, so of course this is one of the most important places on Pine Island to discover early on. You can find the boat on the beach right in front of the Smoothie Shack. The boat is broken initially, and a man named Soupo will task you with bringing him the necessary items to both repair the boat and feed him a delicious bowl of soup as a thank you. Soupo will give you the recipe for this soup when you talk to him about the boat. Once you have gathered the ingredients for the Vegetable Soup, you will then need to bring him x12 Wood, x3 Metal Bars, and x2 Rope to fix the boat. After this quest is complete, you are free to use the boat whenever you so choose.

Maple Island Guide in Aka 

Maple Island is one of the four islands in Aka that you will come into contact with. This island is home to the Mountain you will need to climb in order to complete the quest where you spread Naya's ashes at the very top. This island is also home to two of the Totems you will want to collect, a flower that comes into play for the main story questline, and a few side quests that will keep you busy. Here are the main areas in Aka on Maple Island to look out for:

Screenshot of the cable car in Aka, Aka islands guide

The Cable Car

The cable car is used to get to the top of the mountain in Aka on Maple Island. You will need a winter hat from the Hat Store on Pine Island and a gear from the inventor on Pine Island to gain access the cable car. There is also a Totem at the top, a lovely snowman missing his nose who needs your help, and a peak for you to spread Naya's ashses. The cable car is found on the path almost at the top of the mountain. It is pretty hard to miss as you cannot get to the top without it. 


Screenshot of Sahale the ghostly puppy in Aka, Aka Islands Guide

Sahale, The Ghostly Puppy

Sahale is a very lonely pup who has been stuck on the island for quite some time now. He got stuck when the ladder to get down from the mountain broke, and began to freeze. He was unable to move, and when you meet him he still is frozen in place. It is up to you to figure out how to free him. You will find him on the top of the broken ladder (which you will fix with some wood) on the path up towards the top of the mountain. 

Wa the Whale in Aka, Aka Islands Guide

Wa, The Whale 

Wa does not seem to play a huge role in terms of gameplay, but the sweet whale does tell you a few fun facts about where they come from and other sea creatures. You can find Wa the moment you step off of the boat onto Maple Island, almost as if they are just there waiting to greet you! 


Palm Island in Aka - Points of Interest

Palm Island is yet another island in the game, and you will need to venture here to complete story quests, find chests, gather recipes, and more. There are not many points of interest here, but here is the two we believe matter most:

Screenshot of the north cave in Aka, Aka Islands Guide

North Cave

This cave can only be accessed by boat. A lonely little child on the beach wearing a football helmet will be the one to ask you to fix this boat for him in order for him to use it to travel the island. He allows you to borrow it whenever you'd like, so you can use this to access the cave. Once you have fixed the little boat, you will need to ride it to the far East of the island, then head straight North. You will see a little ramp to follow (it does not look like a cave entrance, just a ramp where you can dock your boat) which will lead you to the cave. You will need at least one torch to gain access to the cave, so make sure you either have the materials to make one or have a torch in your inventory. 

You will place the torches in between the two little sticks poking out of the wall, then it will allow you to enter. To the left of the entrance, there is another cave tunnel that will lead you to the other side of the cave. There, you will find a chest filled with useful items, a trap, and a broken down ruin for you to use your pickaxe on to create stone. 

Screenshot of the monster to take a quick nap on in Aka, Aka Islands Guide

Monster to Nap on

While we do not know what the purpose of this napping spot is as of yet, it is extremely adorable to say the least. As you first enter the island, you will notice this fairly large guinea pig-looking creature sleeping its life away on the island. You can climb onto its back and take a comfy nap up there yourself!

Bamboo Island Guide Aka

Bamboo Island is one of the most important islands in the game, as it is home to several recipes and main story quests to complete. Not only that, there are several animals and creatures there that are just interesting to meet in general. Here are the areas that are interesting on Bamboo Island in Aka:

The bell on bamboo island in aka, aka islands guide

The Bell 

The bell can indeed be rung! Now, we don't actually know what it does or if it is important, but we do know that it is a lot of fun and very loud when it is rung. The bell can be found at the very top of the long set of stairs to the North of the island. 

The Red Panda Temple, Aka Islands Guide

The Red Panda Temple 

This temple is home to one of the only other Red Panda's, and this little panda has quite the story to tell when you speak to them. They give you more insight as to what happened to them in their past as well as yours. There are two different buildings behind them, one of which looks to be a Sauna, the other is a music room where you canplay some soothing and phenomenal music with the animals who reside there. 

Takoa's Gravesite, aka islands guide

Takoa's Grave

Now we don't want to spoil anything for you, but this gravesite is very important to the storyline. It can be found on the Eastern part of the Bamboo Island, next to Kachina's bamboo house. This grave will be extremely important during the night time, so make sure to visit after the sun sets. 

Lanterns Scattered around the Bamboo Island, Aka islands guide

Broken Lanterns 

This is another aspect that has us kind of scratching our heads, but they are pretty neat nonetheless. These lanterns are scattered all over the island and are broken to pieces at first. You will need x5 Stone to bring them back into working order. We do not know if they tie directly into the story or not, but it is an interesting feature.

The Trapped Dog, Aka Islands Guide

The Trapped Dog 

This may look like just another precious doggo, but this one has a magnificent talent; digging! There will be a wooden fence trapping this sweet little baby inside, and you will need to use your axe to destroy the fence and set him free. Not only can you pet the doggo, he can pet you! But, if you ask him to follow you by selecting "Come" on the menu when you interact with him, you can lead him around the map. He will spot dig sites, and begin digging for treasure that you can collect. 

That's the end of our Aka Islands Guide. Have a look at our other guides below!

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