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Screenshot from Aka of the finished totem tower

There are four total totems to collect in Aka which form a totem pole when stacked on top of one another. While there is no reason to collect them and stack them, as they are simply collectibles and decor, they are fun to find nonetheless. Some of the totems are easy to find, and one is hidden so well, it is almost impossible to locate on your own. In this Aka Totem guide, we will discuss where all four of the collectible totems are located. 

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Where To Find Each Totem in Aka 

There is no specific order in which the totems need to be collected, as they have nothing to do with the game overall or the storyline whatsoever. That said, these are listed in the order that we personally collected them in.

Screenshot of the face totem in Aka, Aka totem guide

The Face Totem

The face totem is one of the easier totems to find, but not the easiest. The face totem can be found on Pine Island, which is the island you start on, in a cave to the left of the Water Temple area. If you don't know what the Water Temple is, it is the area with the dragon cave to the far South of your house. You will need to climb the ladder down into the Water Temple and jump off of the stone floor into the water. 

Cave entrance to the face totem in Aka, aka totem guide

You will need to swim to the left (the West) and there you will see this cave entrance. Once you swim inside the entrance, you will get the loading screen and appear inside of the cave. You will then see the totem inside the cave, close to the back wall. 

The eagle totem in aka, aka totem guide

The Eagle Totem 

The eagle totem is by far the easiest of the four totems to locate, as you honestly cannot miss it if you climb the mountain to spread Naya's ashes. Right before the peak of the mountain on Maple Island, there is a curious little penguin standing next to an eagle totem. If you speak to him, he goes on a bit of a tangent about the totem, telling you to take it and reunite it with the others. That's about it; that is how you get the eagle totem. 

The red panda totem, aka totem guide

The Red Panda Totem 

Now we are actually unsure if this is a red panda or a doggo, but given that the totem is found on Bamboo Island, home of the Red Panda named Boop, we thought it was a fitting name for the totem. This one is a bit more tricky to find than the other two, because it's hidden away behind a spot that looks as though it would be inaccessible. 

When you get to Bamboo Island, you will step off of the boat and go straight north. There you will see a pond with a cute little round green-frog that follows you with its eyes. From the frog's location, you will swim right (East) into a small little waterway beside 2 waterfalls. 

​    ​

If you continue to swim straight from here, you will enter the cave where the Red Panda totem is located. 

The frog totem, aka totem guide

The Frog Totem

This totem is by far the most difficult to find, and we couldn't locate it during our first playthrough. The cave where its totem is located is so tucked away, you can't even see the entrance and would almost never guess it would be where it is in the first place. 

To find the Frog Totem, you will need to head back over to Maple Island (yes.. there are two totems on Maple Island, not one on each island). From here, you will go back toward the mountain, but this time, you will need to break down the ruins blocking the pathway to this cave with a pickaxe. The cave entrance is directly below the ladder you use to climb to the top of the mountain. 

Screenshot of the cave entrance hidden on Maple Island, Aka totem guide

As you see in the photo, this cave entrance is completely hidden by the exterior of the cave. Once you are in this spot, continue running toward the back of the cave wall in the interior of the little throughway, and you will enter the hidden cave and find the Frog totem inside. 

That's the end of our Aka Totem guide. Have a look at our other guides below!

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