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Screenshot of the mountain atop Maple Island in Aka

Aka Review

There are plenty of games that tug at your heartstrings or make you feel a true connection with the main character. With that being said, very rarely is there a game that immediately gives you the…

December 20, 2022 | 11:00 EST

Screenshot of Aka header image
Game Page


Aka is a wonderful yet tragic story of the red panda named Aka. After surviving the Great War that destroyed the world as we know it, they decided to attempt to find peace.  There are four different…

December 14, 2022 | 03:59 EST

Screenshot of the watercolor looking design of the aka cutscene in the very beginning of the game, aka beginners guide

Aka Starter Guide | A Beginner's Guide to Aka

Aka is an adorable farming sim featuring a red panda named Aka. He has been through some very hard times and is trying to live the rest of his life in peace after the great war. Though the game…

December 14, 2022 | 05:51 EST

Screenshot from Aka of the finished totem tower

Aka Totem Guide | Totem Locations in Aka

There are four total totems to collect in Aka which form a totem pole when stacked on top of one another. While there is no reason to collect them and stack them, as they are simply collectibles and…

December 14, 2022 | 05:51 EST

Screenshot of the Aka crafting menu, aka crafting guide

Aka Crafting Guide

There are not many crafting recipes currently available in Aka, but the recipes in-game are either hidden away on a bookshelf or found randomly throughout the different islands. In this Aka crafting…

December 14, 2022 | 05:51 EST

Screenshot of the cooking menu in Aka, Aka Cooking Guide

Aka Farming Guide | Potions, Recipes & Unlocks

Farming is a crucial part of Aka, as you will need to harvest crops to use in recipes in order to progress the main storyline. Though there aren't too many crops in the game as of yet, there are…

December 14, 2022 | 05:51 EST

Screenshot from Aka of the different islands to visit on the boat, Aka Islands Guide | Locations & Points of Interest

Aka Locations Guide | Islands & Points of Interest

There are four total islands in Aka, each of them directly tying into the main questline and having their own important places to visit as you play through the game. In this Aka islands guide, we…

December 14, 2022 | 05:51 EST