Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless

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Disgaea 7 is the latest addition to the Disgaea franchise, where a not-so-dynamic duo goes on a long and winding journey to locate legendary weapons known as the Seven Blades of Origin. A loner samurai named Fuji and a Hinomoto otaku girl names Piririka set off on their journey together, facing many trials and tribulations along the way in an attempt to find these weapons to destroy the threat known as Oedo Shogunate. 

On their way, they meet several interesting characters that offer them help on their quest, which of course the two won't turn down as they need all the help they can gather. This game is set in what's called a Netherworld where "anything goes". As players progress, they will add members to their army of sorts, train those new members, and prepare them for the unknown battle ahead. Players can choose to take on a new member they meet, or leave them behind, in order to create a custom army that fits their needs.