New Disgaea 7 "What Is Disgaea?" Trailer Introduces A Unique Strategy Series

Published: June 8, 2023 9:48 AM /


Mr. Ranger and the Zombie Maiden in a classroom for the Disgaea 7 "What Is Disgaea" trailer

Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless is arriving in October, and ahead of its release, NIS America has unveiled a new trailer introducing the series and its many strange quirks. The appropriately-named "What Is Disgaea?" trailer serves as a starter guide to the long-running strategy RPG franchise, so if this will be your first Disgaea game, you should start here.

The trailer takes the form of Mr. Ranger and a Zombie Maiden discussing all things Disgaea in a classroom. If you're already into the series, you'll probably enjoy the trailer's sense of humor, which is appropriately goofy and irreverent. Mr. Ranger decides that instead of teaching math, he's going to teach his class all about Disgaea 7, including its core mechanics, unique appeal, and strategic options.

As Mr. Ranger tells it, Disgaea is all about "nonconformity". The series' signature technique is to buck RPG trends; it's got a max character level of 9,999, for instance, and that's per character rather than per party. Building characters all the way to level 9,999 means you're dealing with stats that number in the millions, so this is very much a series about seeing how big things can get.

Damage numbers can get pretty big in Disgaea, too, with damage numbers often landing in excess of a billion. Combat in Disgaea games is flexible, and you get a lot of freedom in terms of how you interact with its systems; you can lift and throw enemies and allies, and you can even lift multiple characters at once, leading to some truly creative and unusual strategizing during combat.

If you're looking for a more off-the-beaten-track tactical RPG experience, then it stands to reason that Disgaea 7 is a game you'll want to check out. It launches for PC, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch on October 3rd, so add it to your wishlist if you want a game where the damage numbers in the billions, not the hundreds.


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