Disgaea 7 Character Trailer Introduces The So-Called "Heroes" Of The Netherworld

Published: April 26, 2023 9:29 AM /


Artwork depicting the cast of characters in Disgaea 7

A new Disgaea 7 character trailer has been unleashed, showing off some of the crazy people you'll get to meet over the course of this extensive strategy RPG adventure. From protagonist Fuji through to "bushido enthusiast" Pirilika, Disgaea 7 is promising a cast just as unconventional and likable as previous entries.

The trailer first introduces us to Fuji, the protagonist of the game. The voiceover describes him as "strong, skilled, and shamelessly selfish", continuing the tradition of flawed heroes taking center stage in the Disgaea series. After Fuji, we get to meet Pirilika, a character first introduced to us back in January. She's a bushido fan who's finally getting to visit "the land of [her] dreams"; she's essentially a Japanophile, and she's got very strong ideas of what Hinomoto should be.


Following the introduction of the two characters, the trailer promises that "bonds will be forged", showing a typically cynical Fuji asking Pirilika to pay him in order to accompany him on his journey. We then see Fuji being tricked into signing a contract as the trailer tells us "promises will be made".

Finally, the trailer gives us another glimpse of the youngster Ao, who appears to be calling Fuji her father. Even the voiceover seems flummoxed by this development, so we'll have to wait and see how it shakes out in Disgaea 7 proper, but there's almost certainly more going on than meets the eye.

Disgaea 7 is due to launch on PC, PlayStation consoles, and Nintendo Switch this fall. As the name suggests, it's the seventh mainline installment in the Disgaea series, so if you've played any of them already, you're probably already raring to go for this one as well. There's a demo available via the Japanese PlayStation and Switch digital storefronts, so if you're not averse to playing in Japanese, you can check those out right now. Stay tuned for more Disgaea 7 info.



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