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Cities: Skylines is a city builder developed by Colossal Order and published by Paradox Interactive. Following the disappointment of the disaster of 2015's SimCity, city builder fans didn't really have a modern take on the genre to play. Colossal Order — developers of the Cities in Motion franchise — stepped up big and created their own take on SimCity-style games with the debut of Cities: Skylines.

In Cities: Skylines, you'll start with a blank parcel of land and some cash. Plop down a few roads, connect them to the local highway, and zone the land for building. People will begin to move in and pay taxes, allowing you to expand the city and provide them with essential services. As your city grows, so will your troubles. Natural disasters, people dying, fires, and all sorts of other problems are going to make it more and more difficult as your city gets larger. And the traffic — by god, the traffic — build your roads carefully or traffic jams will make it all the more difficult to properly run your city.

If you find yourself enjoying the base game, there is also a boatload of DLC for you to buy! Whether you want to expand your gameplay with new transportation systems, colleges, or greenery or you simply want to add some more radio stations into the mix, Cities: Skylines certainly has a lot to offer!

From the game's official website:

A Modern Take on the Classic City Simulation

Cities: Skylines is a modern take on the classic city simulation. The game introduces new gameplay elements to realize the thrill and hardships of creating and maintaining a real city whilst expanding on some well-established tropes of the city building experience.

It also includes the ability to mod the game to suit your play style as a fine counterbalance to the layered and challenging simulation. You’re only limited by your imagination, so take control and reach for the sky!

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Colossal Order
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March 10, 2015 (Calendar)