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Despite allegedly selling over 14 million copies within six months of release and offering one of the most authentic Star Wars experiences possible, Star Wars Battlefront was mildly disappointing, to say the least. While even the game’s most vocal critics couldn’t find fault with Battlefront’s graphics and sound effects, that the game lacked some rather basic elements like a singleplayer campaign, or any depth beyond being a multiplayer shooter, or meaningful customization and progression options (among other things) was rather crippling in regards to its long-term performance. This unsurprisingly led to discontent among the game’s audience, with the game receiving an average a review score of 73 on Metacritic.

In all fairness, the core gameplay of Star Wars Battlefront was rather enjoyable even if you aren’t a Star Wars fan, but, in what some may say is typical EA fashion, the game’s archaic DLC model put the final nail in the coffin of the game’s potential. While it is unquestionable that the Star Wars brand, and the marketing potential that comes with it, drastically helped Star Wars Battlefront perform as well as it did, most people would presumably be unwilling to pay full retail price for a multiplayer-only game that doesn’t really offer anything new compared to all the other options out there (see Battleborn). After all, Battlefront may have sold well, but from a consumer’s point of view, what good is a game that sells well when no one on your friends list is playing it months after release, especially when you know that the game’s population is spread out over who knows how many DLC maps?

On the bright side, EA seems to have taken at least some of Battlefront’s criticisms seriously; the trailer for the game’s sequel, creatively titled Star Wars Battlefront 2, confirmed that there will be a singleplayer campaign that puts you in the boots of an Imperial soldier after the Battle of Endor (which in itself is rather rare among anything Star Wars related), space battles in some form or another, and Battlefront 2 will let you play across all of the eras featured in the movies. Furthermore, Bernd Diemer, the creative director of Battlefront 2, has stated that there will be no season pass specifically because it would fragment the community. In regards to the gameplay, there will be more vehicles that you can actually control, along with the return of more traditional multiplayer classes (or at least that’s what the pre-order bonuses imply). Taken at face value, this makes it seem like Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be the Star Wars game that everyone wanted two years ago, but as we all should know by now, pre-release promises mean nothing.

StarWarsBattlefront 03

If you’re wondering why Battlefront’s lack of space battles was such a big deal, imagine how many things your average multiplayer pilot could crash into in this screenshot alone and how many of them are a result of being on a planet.

As far as the campaign goes, EA has shown that they are capable of creating fairly decent singleplayer campaigns, so in that regard there shouldn’t be too much to worry about (see Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1, etc.). In a somewhat ironic twist, however, the fact that there is no season pass may be the cause of some concern, primarily because no one knows what will inevitably replace it. One possibility is that cosmetic microtransactions will make an appearance in Star Wars Battlefront 2, another (based on the pre-order bonuses) involves the selling of weapons, weapon attachments, and ability packs. In any case, suspicion is warranted here as EA has very rarely given away meaningful content for free, though it isn’t unprecedented (see Mass Effect 3 multiplayer). Either way, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say that this is the largest concern for most of the people who are in the game’s target audience, as many of them are likely aware of the effects that DLC has on a multiplayer game’s quality and potential longevity.

Fortunately for EA, this holiday season isn’t exactly packed with competitors. As far as anyone knows so far (until E3), the only game that can conceivably share the same audience with Star Wars Battlefront 2 is Destiny 2, a sequel to another game that also had a lot of potential but ultimately fell short. For what it’s worth, people aren’t carpet bombing Battlefront 2’s trailer with dislikes a la Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare either—as of this writing, it has almost 7.5 million views, over 200,000 likes, and almost 8,500 dislikes, which is a fairly good sign—so whether due to poor memories or legitimate excitement, people are at the very least curious about the game. Ultimately, only time will tell whether or not EA truly learned their lesson from the feedback that the first Battlefront received, but they are in an exceptionally strong position this holiday season if they can manage to assuage fears that Star Wars Battlefront 2 will just be another pretty looking game with no substance.

What do you think of Star Wars Battlefront 2? What do you want to see in the sequel?

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Anson Chan

Staff Writer

You ever wonder why we're here? It's one of life's greatest mysteries, isn't it? Good thing games exist so that we don't have to think about it. Or at least I don't have to think about it. Instead, I'll just play Halo or something.

  • SevTheBear

    If they can take what worked in the old PS2, Xbox, PC BF2 game and make it better, I think they will make many fans happy.

    I do hope we get a good Star Wars game. But at the same time we have Mitch Dyer involved with the writing. Besides being a former IGN and GameJournoPros member (and a feminist I have been told) it’s his first time with such a big IP in his hands. He is only co-writer of course, so I hope Walt Williams (Spec: Ops The Line) handles most of the writing.

    Oh and remember NO PRE-ORDERS

  • AD1980

    Friends don’t let friends pre-order

  • SevTheBear
  • BurntToShreds

    Does a single player campaign have to be a “basic element” of a multiplayer-centric game, though? It pisses me off when people talk about games as if they’re somehow incomplete if they don’t have a campaign.

    What if somebody said that a game like Persona 5 was incomplete and lacking Since it doesn’t have a multiplayer mode? People would be justifiably livid. It’s a shame that the opposite isn’t true, that people don’t defend developers of games like Rainbow Six Siege or Titanfall 1 when their games get points docked from them in reviews because they had no campaign, and weren’t designed with a campaign in mind.

    There’s also a nostalgia-goggles thing going on here. The original Battlefront II’s campaign was just a handful of bot matches with some narration thrown in. It was the definition of tacked-on, almost like Pandemic didn’t want to make it, and wanted to focus on the multiplayer, but EA forced them to do it.

    Another thing about the campaign is that it costs a lot of money, so microtransactions are going to be an inevitability since they aren’t going to have a season pass. If you pissed and moaned about how the first game didn’t have an “epic” solo campaign, you don’t have the right to whine about microtransactions that are the cost of the second game having a campaign. BFII might also have less multiplayer maps at launch than the first game because more resources get sunk into a campaign than get spent on designing multiplayer maps and modes.

    As well, Visceral and Respawn are creating their own Star Wars games that’ll have ample solo content. Wouldn’t you rather have waited for the developers of Dead Space (alongside Amy Hennig, veteran game writer) and Respawn, former devs of Modern Warfare and now the devs of Titanfall, to give you a good campaign experience rather than force DICE, creators of crappy campaigns in BF4 and BF3, to handle a Star Wars story mode? You can have amazing writers, sure, but that doesn’t mean much if the gameplay is full of scripted events and QTEs.

    I look forward to the day when multiplayer-only games are considered complete experiences again, just like Battlefield 1942, 2, and 2142 were. Until then, I hope y’all enjoy the one-and-done zero-replayability campaign that this upcoming game will have.

  • Typical

    I don’t care about single player. Make the flight not suck and get rid of the number keys as special attacks and I’ll be good. In fact, I’d be happy with a battlefield 4 reskin.

  • Typical

    Campaigns are for the gimps who can’t mutliplayer.

  • Typical

    Just preordered, I got my money’s worth out of the first one, and will get $60 of entertainment out of this one, so no worries.

  • SevTheBear

    Hey if you feel you got your money’s worth out of the first one don’t let us stop you. I just don’t find as a wish move to pre-order.

  • Casey

    There’s no lesson to learn. They hocked out a crappy game and people slurped up their feces ridden gruel. They could slap Star Wars on a syringe with aids in it and fanboys would still shoot up.

    Also, EA NEVER learns any lessons. They just blame their failures on the studios they’ve bought and neutered and then close them.

  • Casey

    Or for the people that don’t wanna deal with XxXDoobiehowser420MDXxX shouting profanity and screaming about KDR’s

  • BurntToShreds

    But the thing is that at this point in time, when more games than ever before are coming out, the people who don’t like multiplayer modes to have innumerable options for solo FPS titles to play. Why do they have to demand that a studio that excels at multiplayer to create a single-player mode just for them? And like I said in my first comment, Star Wars games with single-player content are coming out from studios that know how to do solo content well. I will agree with one point in your other comment that yes, EA never learns any lessons. What they should’ve done is ignore the people clamoring for a campaign, reminded them that they’ll be getting something from people with good single-player pedigrees in the near-future, and let DICE work on improving the multiplayer by adding improvements and loads more content.

  • Casey

    Well, here’s the thing. If making a campaign removed resources from the mutliplayer aspect, then by all means, I’d say cut the campaign. Look at the previous game though. It had no campaign, AND on top of that, it shipped with a mesley amount of maps.

    Honestly, when I say campaign, I don’t mean a story based affair. I was totally fine with Battlefront 2’s “campaign”, and it was just the maps with bots and a light strategic map which conferred certain bonuses to the side that currently held a planet. We don’t need a 15 hour long story about commander OC. Just give players the ability to play maps by themselves with some window dressing. The AI is already there, the maps are already there, all of the features are already there. Just throw a flimsy roguelike excuse to cycle through the maps and many people would be pleased.

  • Typical

    Then they make single player games for you.

  • Casey

    By all means, show me the single player star wars game that’s been released for current gen consoles.

    I’ll wait.

  • Typical

    Maybe you should start a petition or something. Do you complain there’s no offline single player mode to WOW? I personally get offended at how few major league baseball first person shooters there are.

  • Casey

    I’d normally agree with you, but this problem has already been solved. In Star Wars Battlefront 2, they put together a quick mode in which you go from planet to planet, (Map to map) in order to capture the entire “galaxy”.

    I have no clue why they couldn’t have done this for the last game, much less this one. There’s no need to go through a huge amount of work, just pit the single player against the bots. It’s not hard or expensive, and it’s already been done before.

  • Typical

    My theory is that
    A: a lot of people don’t play single player at all. I know I rarely do, time wasted in campaigns is time you could be using to get gud.
    B: Most times when the single player is glorified bot matches it gets bashed in reviews anyway, so why take a lower score when you can slap “Multi only” on the box and be exempted for a lazy campaign?
    C: The game is pretty shitty. I like it, but let’s face it, you can tell they wanted to just have the license carry it.

    I for one played about 15 minutes of titanfall 2’s single player before never going back again, multiplayer is just better than any AI in any game. And I have over 300 hours sunk between Titanfall2 and battlefront on the computer alone, never mind having them both on Xb1 or ps4 as well. So it isn’t as if lack of single player hurt the games much IMO.

  • Casey

    “A: a lot of people don’t play single player at all. I know I rarely do,
    time wasted in campaigns is time you could be using to get gud.”
    Just because you feel this way doesn’t mean the majority of people don’t. Many people played and enjoyed Titanfall 2’s campaign, even calling it ground breaking and innovative, despite almost all of the mechanics already having been in Titanfall 1.

    “B: Most times when the single player is glorified bot matches it gets
    bashed in reviews anyway, so why take a lower score when you can slap
    “Multi only” on the box and be exempted for a lazy campaign?”

    Games get bashed for not having a single player campaign anyway. Street Fighter 4 got bashed for having “low quality custscenes” and little single player content. Same goes with Street Fighter 5. These are games which live and die by multiplayer content. Spectacle action games like Bayonetta and Wonderful 101 are made to be replayed over and over again, but reviewers don’t play it that way.

    Review scores don’t kill games anyway nowadays. Battlefront (the most recent one… fucking EA and their naming conventions) is rated as fair, yet it sold 14 million copies.
    Like I said, if there was any indication that cutting out a single player campaign (no matter how lazy) would make for more multiplayer content, I’d be right there with you, but the first battlefront shipped with 8 maps. I have no faith in them.

  • Typical

    TBH, I’m just hoping they scrap the whole number keys for grenades and stuff on PC, it was the most cumbersome, PITA control scheme ever. Oh, and get someone who’s actually played the old star wars flight games on he space combat parts.

  • BurntToShreds

    Okay then. Titanfall 1 had 15 maps at launch. Titanfall 2 only had 9.

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    That’s a big “IF”.