When it comes to gaming, people, myself included, have had reservations about using wireless products. That, however, all changed for me after encountering the Razer Mamba. The Mamba is one legitimate gaming mouse, and in this review, I’ll break it down and tell you why.

First, let’s take a look at some of the specs:

  • 6400dpi Dual Sensor System
  • Wired/Wireless functionality
  • 1000Hz Ultrapolling
  • Color-change LED lighting
  • Batter life of ~16 Hours of continuous gaming.
  • Wireless receiver acts as charging station.

The size of this mouse is definitely something to take into account here as it is larger than you might be used to. Having very big hands, this mouse fits me quite well. The Razer Mamba, unlike my last Razer review, will only take up the standard one USB port in your computer. This is taken by a cord that serves to power either the Receiver for wireless mode, or it can be plugged directly into the mouse itself for wired play.  Razer Synapse 2.0 does contain a driver set for this mouse, so if you are already using it with another Razer product, you won’t need to install a separate set in order to run macros or change the lighting.

There are four extra buttons on the side of the Mamba. The default setting for the two buttons just off of the standard left mouse button is for on the fly sensitivity changes, which can be set to any numbers you want. The other two buttons are yours to do with as you see fit in your game. They are very conveniently placed, right where your thumb will sit, and I’ve had no problems hitting them in the middle of action packed game sequences.

Let’s move on to the look and feel of this mouse. The Mamba comes in a very sharp black color with lights around the scroll wheel. These lights, of course, can be changed to any color you desire, and the light bar on the receiver will change to match as well. As for how it feels, The Mamba is contoured to fit perfectly into your hand, and at times it’s easy to forget you are even using a mouse.  Overall, it is a very comfortable mouse, which is very responsive.

The charging dock is very compact and will be easy to keep out of the way, not to mention it puts the receiver for wireless communication very close to the mouse itself, guaranteeing you never have to worry about the mouse being out of range. It also gives your desk a nice clean look, as the Mamba sits on top of it at a 45 degree angle in order to charge, and looks very sleek.

As for negative comments, there isn’t much bad I can say about the mouse, other than it may be a little big for some people. The only main issue is with Razer Synapse, as sometimes it causes the mouse to behave erratically, something that I did not experience using the default Mamba drivers from Razer.

Final Verdict:

If you are looking to spend about $130 on a mouse, and don’t mind the size, by all means this is the mouse you want. It’s responsive, sleek, and it comes with a few extra helpful buttons. The color change feature makes it easy to match any computer color scheme, or you can set it to rotate through the color spectrum. This mouse gets my complete seal of approval.

Ryan Carpenter

Howdy, I'm a computer programmer, and professional gamer for vVv Gaming. I tend to be rather insane, but I hide it well. I have a strong passion for computers and gaming, and I feel no better joy than sharing that passion with the masses!