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Greetings, TechRaptor readers and fellow Magic: The Gathering fans! Welcome to the eighth day of our ongoing Eldritch Moon spoiler coverage. If you’re just joining us, make sure to check out our thread from yesterday, which contains links to all the spoilers from Wizards of the Coast for Eldritch Moon from the past two weeks of coverage.

The first spoiler for the day is from Brazilian website Blacker Lotus; their spoiler is Folião do Caos, or in English Bedlam Reveler (credit for translation goes to mtgsalvation user LouCypher).  Bedlam Reveler is a 3/4 Devil Horror with the Prowess mechanic; normally it costs six generic and two red mana to cast, but the generic mana needed to cast it is lowered by one for each Instant and Sorcery card in the caster’s graveyard. When it enters the battlefield, its caster discards their hand and draws three cards from their library.


Next up are two spoilers posted in today’s Magic Story on the Wizards of the Coast homepage. The first is the Enchantment Campaign of Vengeance, which deals the opponent one point of damage and gains the caster one point of life whenever a creature under the caster’s control attacks. The second is Nahiri’s Wrath, a red Sorcery which costs two generic and one red mana, and an additional cost of discarding X cards from the caster’s hand. Nahiri’s Wrath deals damage equal to the combined converted mana cost of the discarded cards to up to each of X number of creatures under the opponent’s control.


Wizards of the Coast also has another spoiler card available in their daily preview article. Spell Queller is a 2/3 Spirit that costs one generic, one white and one blue mana, and has the Flash and Flying mechanics. When it enters the battlefield, it exiles target spell with a converted mana cost of four or less, and when Spell Queller leaves the battlefield the owner of the exiled card can cast that card without paying the mana cost.


Magic: The Gathering podcast Top Level Podcast shared their exclusive spoiler card on their website today. Fortune’s Favor is an interesting blue Sorcery spell that lets target opponent look at the top four cards of the caster’s library and separate them into two piles, one that is face-up and one that is face-down. The caster gets to choose which pile they put into their hand and which they put into their graveyard.


StarCityGames, an event coordinator, marketplace, and coverage center for Magic: The Gathering has an article up detailing their spoiler, Dark Salvation. Dark Salvation is a Sorcery-spell that costs double X generic and one black mana. Dark Salvation gives target player X 2/2 black Zombie creature tokens, then gives a target creature -1/-1 for each Zombie until the end of turn. So, if a player wanted to make three Zombies from Dark Salvation, they would need to spend a total of seven mana (X equals three, the casting cost is two X, plus the one black mana).  Similarly, putting one Zombie onto the battlefield requires a total of three mana.


The final spoiler for the day is from Wizards of the Coast employee Sam Stoddard. His spoiler is the green Snake creature Noose Constrictor , which can be cast for one generic and one green mana. By discarding a card, Noose Constrictor gets a +1/+1 buff until the end of the turn. It also has reach, letting this Wild Mongrel knock off block fliers instead of changing colors.


Stay tuned to TechRaptor for continuing coverage of Eldritch Moon spoilers and all things Magic: The Gathering.

What are your thoughts on today’s spoilers? Do you see anything you would be interested in playing in Limited or Constructed formats? Let us know in the comment section below!

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