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Greetings, TechRaptor readers and fellow Magic: The Gathering fans! Welcome to the fifth day of our ongoing Eldritch Moon spoiler coverage. If you’re just joining us, make sure to check out our thread from yesterday, which contains links to all the spoilers from Wizards of the Coast for Eldritch Moon from the past week of coverage.

Our first spoilers for the day are from Pure Magic: The Gathering Online, a site dedicated to discussions solely about Wizards of the Coast’s online platform. Their first spoiler is Emrakul’s Evangel, a Human Horror that can create a horde of 3/2 Eldrazi Horror creature tokens by sacrificing itself and any number of non-Eldrazi creatures under the player’s control; the number of tokens received is equal to the number of sacrificed creatures.


Pure MTGO’s next spoiler is the Ulvenwald Captive, a Werewolf Horror with Defender. It can be tapped to add one green mana to its controller’s mana pool, and by paying five generic and two green mana can be flipped into the Ulvenwald Abomination. Ulvenwald Abomination can be tapped to add two colorless mana to its controller’s mana pool.

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The next set of spoilers are from the Gathering Magic podcast, the first of which is the long-awaited Tamiyo printing for this block. Tamiyo, Field Researcher costs one generic, one green, one white and one blue mana and enters the battlefield with four loyalty counters. Her positive loyalty ability lets her controller choose any two creatures, even those an opponent controls. Until the controller’s next turn, whenever those creatures deal combat damage, you get to draw a card. Tamiyo’s negative loyalty ability taps down two target non-land permanents, which don’t untap during their controller’s next untap step.


Tamiyo’s final ability, her ultimate, lets her controller draw three cards and gain an emblem which allows them to cast nonland cards from their hand for free.

Gathering Magic’s next two spoilers are both reprints of cards from previous Magic: The Gathering sets. Prey Upon was last seen in the original Innistrad block; it makes target creature the caster controls fight target creature they don’t. Peace of Mind is an Enchantment from Exodus and the Ninth Edition core set that, for one white mana and discarding a card from the controller’s hand, allows them to gain three life.

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Paste Magazine received an exclusive spoiler to go along with their coverage of the artbook for the Shadows Over Innistrad block. Their spoiler is Wailing Ghoul, a 1/3 Zombie that is cast for one generic and one black mana. When it enters the battlefield, its controller puts the top two cards of their library into the graveyard.


Our final three Magic: The Gathering spoilers for today are all from Wizards of the Coast employees, the first of which was posted by Jim Jen, the Community Manager for the Asia-Pacific region. Credit for the spoiler translation goes to reddit user leakyfaucets123, the same person that leaked several aspects of Eldritch Moon before the official spoiler season began. Jen’s spoiler is Stromkirk Mystic, a Vampire Horror with Trample that can be cast for two generic and one red mana. When Stromkirk Mystic deals combat damage to the opponent, its controller exiles the top card of their library; until the end of their turn, they may play that card. Stromkirk Mystic can also be cast for a Madness cost of one generic and one red mana if it was discarded from a player’s hand.


The second spoiler is from Luis Scott-Vargas of Channel Fireball fame. His spoiler is in this card preview article on the Wizards of the Coast homepage; Distended Mindbender is a 5/5 Eldrazi Insect that can be hardcast for eight generic mana, or cast with Emerge for five generic and two black mana minus the converted mana cost of the sacrificed creature. When it enters the battlefield, target opponent reveals their hand and the caster can choose two cards for them to discard; a nonland card with converted mana cost three or less, and a nonland card with converted mana cost four or more.


The final Magic: The Gathering spoiler for the day is from this article on the development of Eldritch Moon. The spoiler found in this article is Collective Brutality, a black Sorcery that makes use of the new Escalate mechanic. Players can either pay the one generic, one black mana cost for only one of the modes featured on this card, or discard a card from their hand for each additional mode they wish to use. Collective Brutality has three modes: target opponent reveals their hand, and the caster can choose an Instant or Sorcery for them to discard; target creature gets a -2/-2 debuff until the end of the turn; or target opponent loses two life and the caster gains two life.


Stay tuned to TechRaptor for continuing coverage of Eldritch Moon spoilers and all things Magic: The Gathering.

What are your thoughts on today’s spoilers? Do you see anything you would be interested in playing in Limited or Constructed formats? Let us know in the comment section below!

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