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A selfie of Magic judge Elaine Cao at the Face to Face Open in Toronto


Earlier this week, a Magic judge dealt with a technical nightmare during a major tournament. She was able to save the event with her laptop in an

Dominaria united Key Art featuring Karn, Jodah and Radha


Dominaria United's most interesting cards get looked at here, as we consider what we should be building with the newly released set and where the

Dominaria United promotional artwork of warriors in a field


Magic The Gathering's head designer, Mark Rosewater, teases new cards and mechanics coming in the newest set, Dominaria United.

Magic The Gathering and Warhammer 40k Universes Beyond Collaboration


Wizards has just finished revealing a bunch of upcoming products like the Magic Warhammer 40k Commander Decks, new details on Double Masters and the

Gamegenic Deck and Game Boxes


We take a look at a new series of high-end deck and game boxes from Gamegenic, reviewing their functionality and overall design.

A red and black monster next to the Magic Showcase 2021 logo.


All of the announcements, including major partnerships and collaborations, planned for the future of the popular card game revealed at this year's

Magic The Gathering Teferi


Wizards of the Coast just announced a slew of new cards for their upcoming Magic: The Gathering set Core Set 2021.

Magic: The Gathering Contest WOTC cover


A Magic: The Gathering contest has been announced which gives players the opportunity to design their very own Magic card (and help out a good cause

Image courtesy Wizards of the Coast.


Pack 1, Pick 1. If you’ve ever played a Magic: The Gathering draft at your local gaming store, you know this phrase all too well.

Magic: The Gathering Godzilla Ikoria cover


A Magic: The Gathering Godzilla card is on the way along with a whole lot more!