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Magic: The Gathering

September 4, 2022

By: Rutledge Daugette

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August 5, 1993
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Originally released by Wizards of the Coast in 1993, Magic: The Gathering is a collectible card game for two or more players. In Magic: The Gathering (often abbreviated as MTG), players build decks of cards to unleash powerful monsters, tricky spells, and magical artifacts against their foes. Multiple formats of the game exist, including Standard - where players build decks to compete with each other, Draft - where players build decks on the fly by opening packs right there on the spot, Commander - where players build thematic, often-times weird and wacky 100 card decks, and more.

Magic has also made its way into the Video Game realm, with titles like Magic The Gathering Arena, Duels of the Planeswalkers, and more allowing gamers to engage with this long-running card game digitally.

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