Data recovery software is something I have used in desperation in my past, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro is one option on the market, if you are willing to pay the very reasonable one off cost currently at $69.95 you are promised much more power and features the free options like Recuva. The $69.95 price may strike some as quite a premium when compared to Recuva but when you see that other leading brands such as GetDataBack charge $79, the price appears much more reasonable and in the situation of a hard drive failure or accidental format, the price completely justifies itself, but will the software compare in performance with GetDataBack to justify the money saving.

Before discussing the recovery options itself, a very important warning should be given, do not install to a drive you are wishing to recover, if you incorrectly formatted a drive, do not install this software or anything else to it, you will greatly reduce the chance of recovery, now with that disclaimer given, let us carry on.

When I first loaded up EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro offers three simple options, deleted file recovery, complete recovery (for full drive recovery after accidental format or drive failure), and partition recovery (for accidental partition deletion). This simple streamlined set of choices reflects the nature of EaseUS programs as a whole in my experience, simple choices and a simple UI that should be very accessible for even the less IT savvy among us.

The fastest option open to the user is that of file recovery, this is very powerful if you know you deleted a single document or a single mp3 file, a quick scan of the drive it was deleted from and the results are back in a few seconds. Using no specific options besides picking one hard drive I was able to scan and find all deleted files on my main 120GB SSD in thirty seconds, this is in my experience much quicker than other programs I have used such as Undeleter and Recuva.

To test the software’s claims I setup a test, a 16GB USB pen filled with a few files with names that would be obvious if found by the recovery software. I added to the USB pen a picture, a text file, a video and an mp3, all files I have had to recover in the past, some of which have recovered corrupted so we will see how EaseUS Recovery Wizard handles this test.


Easeusrecoverywizard screenshot 2


Test one was to simply delete the files and empty the recycle bin and then run a file recovery.

Unfortunately the software  failed with only 50% of files being fully recovered , only the mp3 and video were recovered in the same state they were deleted in with other files being completely corrupt.


For test two I replaced all four files back onto the USB and this time formatted the drive.

The first remark on this test would be how slow the software when scanning only a 16GB USB drive that only had five files on it before formatting, total time to scan was fifteen minutes, if this speed is replicated upwards to a 1TB drive you could have quite a long wait ahead of you, but I suppose the important question is did it recover the files?

Yes and no, the recovery rate was increased over the first test with all files being found except for the mp3 which was not even found by the recovery scan. Unlike test one; every file was uncorrupted, with the video only needing a quick re-index by VLC to be completely restored.    It is important to note that this was an everything went well test, only the Windows quick format was used and no files were placed on the drive post format, a lower level format could produce different results, but overall I believe the software performed to a decent level but in my opinion lesser than the experience I am used to from a competitor like GetDataBack.


Easeusrecoverywizard screenshot 3



Cheaper than main competitor

Simple UI

OS support, Windows 2000 all the way up to Windows 8.1

Excellent clear help information and guides on their website

Trial available before buying (excellent for seeing if it can find your lost files before you pay)


Slow scanning speeds when searching an entire drive

Didn’t recover all files, and some were corrupted

Free alternatives available

Free trial only allows 2GB to be recovered


Overall I believe that EaseUS Recovery Wizard Pro is a versatile alternative to other recovery software on the market, its use of a simple Wizard based UI and excellent free trial offering which is only limited by its 2GB recovery limit. The software unfortunately did fail in both tests to recover 100% of the test files used, but without testing all competitors simultaneously on the same drive it is hard to say this is worse than the competition. However I will say that EaseUS Recovery Wizard Pro feels hard to justify price wise when you can get GetBackData for only $10 more, if my tests had been more successful however I would have easily recommended the software.

Version used 7.0

*Disclaimer, all tests were taken as if performed by a general layman user, with no past experience with the software. If I had delved into the specific partition recoveries, I could have potential found more files and less corrupted versions of the files. Screenshots used for media content and not taken at the time of testing*




versatile alternative to other recovery software on the market which is only limited by its 2GB recovery limit.

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