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Combat Monsters Review

Team TechRaptor / November 19, 2013 at 8:00 AM / Game Reviews, Gaming

If you’re a fan of turn-based tactical strategy games this is definitely a game for you. Rubicon Development just came out with a new strategy game — Combat Monsters. Rubicon Development are the same guys who brought you Great Little War Game! This game can be played on Kindle, iOS, PC and obviously Android.

Now Combat Monsters is a combination of collectible card and tactical combat games, which feature an online multiplayer mode in which you can play with up to 6 other people, so you’re not totally anti social when playing this game. There are over 100 monsters, 12 heroes and definitely over 120 maps to choose from making the choices endless. Being a very Magic the Gathering meets Battle Chess game, you play on a Chinese checker type board which allows you to move back and forth when it’s your turn. While playing you gain cards and these cards stem from items to monsters. The main goal of the game is to kill the other players heroes before they kills yours, the trick to the game is to raise up enough monsters while using the power ups that are given to you. At the end of each fight you get cash and with this cash you can buy treasure boxes which give you cards.

screen03-300x224 Combat Monsters Review

The view of the game is from over your character’s heads to allow you to see the battlefield allowing you to see all possible moves. The heroes themselves are a mixture of cartoon and realistic pawns. The background does not draw the eye away from the battle field which is nice when you’re in a really heated battle against a decent opponent. The only sounds your heroes and allies will make are grunting battle cries as they wave their weapons around when attacking. There is a banner at the bottom of the screen that lets you keep track of your weapons and allies that are still available to you during your battle.

The game play is pretty straight forward, you move around the Chinese checker like board. You have 3 allowed moves to make in each of your turns. You have the option of different monsters that are in your deck, as said before you get more cards as the game progresses…  You choose between which allies to summon along with where to summon them, summons fall into three classes, same with the hero characters that you can choose from, those being warriors, rangers and mages. Rangers’ attacks have the ability to pass through object blocking their way to the target that is desired but they can only attack two or three spaces away. Warriors can only attack a space away, which is kind of dull way to play but they do have higher health than the rest of you allies. Mages are the in between class, having average stats and being able to attack one to two spaces away. The maps have dots on them, these dots are power ups. Now who doesn’t love power ups?! These power ups are activated with your hero, or a summon stands on one you are then granted an extra card or some mana. The only downfall of the game is that you need constant internet connection which is unfortunate but these days many places have free wifi which I found when I played this game. Now if you’re one for a tactical card game this is totally a game up your alley. The variety of characters and cards you can choose from gives you infinite choices. The pace of the game is what you make it, if you choose to play alone or play multiplayer against others.

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