Robert N. Adams

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I've had a controller in my hand since I was 4 and I haven't stopped gaming since. CCGs, Tabletop Games, Pen & Paper RPGs - I've tried a whole bunch of stuff over the years and I'm always looking to try more!

weedcraft inc 4/20 trailer

Weedcraft Inc 4/20 Trailer Features The Return of Nina Struthers

Yesterday was Good Friday and tomorrow is Easter, but today is a somewhat… different kind of worldwide holiday. A Weedcraft Inc 4/20 trailer has been released, celebrating the day that stoners…

saber's edge

Saber’s Edge Merges Match-3 Gameplay with Tactical Combat and Sexy Girls

Nutaku has released yet another free-to-play game this week called Saber’s Edge, a mobile title that merges match-3 gameplay with exciting tactical combat. The adult-oriented digital games distributor has quite a…

the most forbidden love in the world desk

The Most Forbidden Love in the World Comes to MangaGamer This May

Aside from the recent launch of Trinoline, MangaGamer has also announced that another game will be making its way to the digital distribution service in just a couple of weeks. The…

trinoline girls

Trinoline Will Twist Your Mind With Sci-Fi Smut, Now Available on MangaGamer

Visual novel Trinoline has launched on MangaGamer and is now available for purchase. This game is the second-to-last title released by the now-defunct Japanese visual novel company minori and it’s sure…

overwatch havana patch

Overwatch Havana Patch Brings a Brand-New Map to the PTR

The Overwatch Havana Patch has brought a brand-new map to the game’s public test realm. Havana first debuted as part of the new mission for this year’s Overwatch Archives titled Storm Rising.…

home sweet home

Home Sweet Home Will Scare The Hell Out of You on PS4 This May

Home Sweet Home, an upcoming horror game for the PlayStation 4, will be making its way to Sony’s flagship console this May according to a press release from the publisher.…

rocket league loot boxes

Rocket League Loot Boxes Can No Longer Be Opened In Belgium and The Netherlands

Rocket League loot boxes can no longer be opened in Belgium and The Netherlands in a continuation of the war between government regulation of in-game microtransactions and game developers. The…

two point hospital superbug initiative

Two Point Hospital Superbug Initiative Has Players Teaming Up for Science

The Two Point Hospital Superbug Initiative is a brand-new feature that will have players working together cooperatively to accomplish tasks for in-game rewards. This feature isn’t quite ready for prime time, but…

origin security flaw

Origin Security Flaw Could Have Let Hackers Run Malicious Code

An Origin security flaw made it possible for hackers to run malicious code via Electronic Arts’ digital distribution service. The flaw — since patched by EA — made use of…

overwatch storm rising patch mercy car

Overwatch Storm Rising Patch Brings A New Mission, Changes 3 Heroes

The Overwatch Storm Rising patch is here and it’s bringing with it the return of the Overwatch Archives, a brand-new mission, and changes to three of the game’s heroes! Every year, Overwatch…

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