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I've had a controller in my hand since I was 4 and I haven't stopped gaming since. CCGs, Tabletop Games, Pen & Paper RPGs - I've tried a whole bunch of stuff over the years and I'm always looking to try more!

the spiral scouts review header

The Spiral Scouts Review – Dirty Jokes & Perplexing Puzzles

I’m not a huge fan of puzzle games. I’ve played my fair share of match-3s, adventure games, and the like, but it’s not a genre that I’m super excited about.… huniepop black Fights Censorship In Steam’s Adult Games

Video games are, by far, the largest entertainment industry on the planet. As with most entertainment industries, a subset of these games are focused on adult themes, many of which…

the spiral scouts

Drink Butt Juice & Solve Puzzles In The Spiral Scouts, Now Available On Steam

The Spiral Scouts, a foul-mouthed puzzle game from Cantaloupe Kids, is now available for purchase on Steam according to a tweet from one of the game’s developers. The developer of HuniePop…

ketto majiku card hand

Nutaku’s Ketto Majiku Delivers Sexy Tactical RPG Battles

Nutaku is back with a brand-new free-to-play game called Ketto Majiku according to a press release from the adult digital games distributor. Ketto Majiku is a lovely little title that combines…

futanari quest girls

Futanari Quest Brings Sexy RPG Battles To Nutaku

Nutaku has announced the release of Futanari Quest, a game where players engage in RPG battles against a variety of sexy enemies according to a press release from the digital adult…

astroneer update shredder

Shred Items For Scrap In The Astroneer 0.9 Update!

System Era Softworks’ Astroneer has released another update which brings new items and equipment for explorers according to a news post on the game’s Steam Community page. Astroneer is a game where…

bcrf pink mercy overwatch rez

Overwatch’s Pink Mercy Skin Raised Over $12.7 Million For Breast Cancer Research

The “Pink” Mercy Skin in Overwatch has raised over $12.7 million for breast cancer research according to a tweet from the game’s official account. Mercy’s Pink Skin was first revealed in…

gog weekly sale gogcom 7 9 18

GOG Weekly Sale Features Stout Spacefarers & Crime-Scene Cleaners

The GOG Weekly Sale for this week has a particular focus on games that aren’t as well-known as some of their compatriots. Are you looking for a good Action RPG?…

the culling ii release date

Fight For Your Life In The Culling II On July 10

The Culling II will be releasing tomorrow on July 10, 2018, according to a trailer released earlier today on the developer’s YouTube channel. If you haven’t played The Culling, it was…

yu no a girl who chants love at the bound of this world art

YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love At The Bound Of This World Comes West In 2019

YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love At The Bound Of This World will be brought to PC and PlayStation 4 in 2019 by Spike Chunsoft as reported by Gematsu. The announcement…

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