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upload vr e3 2019 image placeholder

Upload VR E3 2019 Recap - Too Much Immersion

For the first time at E3 Virtual Reality gaming is getting their own time to truly shine in the spotlight. UploadVR is holding a showcase for everything VR across all platforms including Oculus, Vive…

June 10, 2019 | 04:34 EDT

penn and teller vr

Gearbox @ PAX East - Penn and Teller VR

As part of Gearbox's new slate of games, a Penn and Teller game, titled Penn and Teller VR: Frankly Unfair, Unkind, Unnecessary & Underhanded will come to VR platforms on June 24th. It is worth…

March 28, 2019 | 04:55 EDT

transference ubisoft e3

Ubisoft E3 2018: Transference

Elijah Wood stepped out onto the Ubisoft E3 2018 stage to show off his new VR game, Transference. The game can be played without VR as well, but it was made for the use of a VR headset. Transference…

June 11, 2018 | 06:08 EDT

htc vive pro four angles

HTC Vive Pro, VIVE Wireless Adapter Announced At CES 2018

VR enthusiasts should start setting aside money now - the HTC Vive Pro and the Vive Wireless Adapter have been announced according to a blog post on the Vive website. The HTC Vive Pro features dual…

January 9, 2018 | 02:15 EST


Russian Company Announced Sci-Fi Racing Game, Thick Air

Russian studio PeopleGottaPlay have announced that they are preparing their non-violent sci-fi drone racing sim Thick Air for early access release in September 2016 on PC. They are also currently…

August 16, 2016 | 10:52 EDT

Giant Cop Screenshot 1

VR Game Giant Cop Loses Vive; Gains Oculus Support

The virtual reality game Giant Cop is stuck in a precarious situation after it pulled away from an HTC Vive launch for the game in favor of the Oculus Touch.The news comes as a shocker for many who…

June 26, 2016 | 04:45 EDT

Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift's Latest Update Removes Hardware Checking DRM

One of the hot topics in the current Virtual Reality scene is visor compatibility. Both the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift have in their store games exclusive to their platforms and, of course, this…

June 26, 2016 | 09:30 EDT