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For the first time at E3 Virtual Reality gaming is getting their own time to truly shine in the spotlight. UploadVR is holding a showcase for everything VR across all platforms including Oculus, Vive, Steam VR, and PlayStation VR.

Starting off with announcements in the Preshow the first trailer shows a sheep using a ball of light to open a mysterious doorway. This title is called Fujii and will be coming to each Oculus Rift device including the Quest and SteamVR. Their second pre-show trailer shows a barren desert with a small girl navigating the world. The gameplay shows flying, puzzle solving and exploring your environment. Marie will be coming to the Oculus Rift in Autumn of 2019. From Vertigo games and Vive Studios, Skyworld Kingdom Brawl is releasing new troops and maps in their Fresh Meat DLC. Showing off Melee combat the next trailer is for Until You Fall by Schell Games coming 2019. During combat, we saw a variety of prompts including where to put your swords to block attacks and even when to dodge out of the way of an unblockable attack. Stonepunk studios' game is set on a world where every 3000 years the creatures from the dark and light side of the world are able to face one another. It's your goal to destroy a temple built to the sun before the day of the eclipse. This is Primordian Part Three and will be coming soon, the base game and content so far is already available in Early Access.

Moving out of the pre-roll announcements let the actual showcase begin. After the Fall from Vertigo Games is the first title to be shown off. The trailer opens with characters walking towards a light gun arcade cabinet. There is a chance for Beta access by going to their website but will be coming to VR in 2020. In this 4 player shooter, you need to fight off frost enemies across new york. On top of the main story missions, there are also side quests for further equipment upgrades.

After a brief break, we're thrown into another trailer showing a once beautiful world that was thrown into disarray. The lush vegetation is replaced with crumbling stone. The Wizards Dark Times is coming soon for VR.

Meat Fortress UploadVR E3 2019

Hotdogs, Horseshoes, and Hand Grenades are adding TF2 content in the form of maps, weapons, and competitive game modes. This Meat Fortress DLC will be coming soon on 6/28/2019.

Budget Cuts for PSVR will be arriving by Heatsink. This game released on steam last year but with more VR platforms releasing the PSVR is another way for people to get their hands on this fun game. It will release in the Fall of 2019.

Fast Travel Games is releasing The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets. This title will be an adventure game on floating diorama worlds. You can interact with the world and solve puzzles. It will be released in 2019.

angry birds 2 movie vr e3 2019

Angry Birds 2 The Movie VR is coming to PSVR promoting couch coop with some players on controllers while one wears the PSVR headset.

Doctor Who was up next with the Doctor and the Tardis. Maze Theory is creating a feature-length experience that puts you in charge of saving time. You'll meet villains from the show like the Daleks and the Weeping Angels across the journey. Doctor Who The Edge of Time releases in September 2019.

doctor who vr e3 2019

Quickly moving on to a much darker trailer we see a character walking through the world, seeing derelict buildings and barren fields. The game is called Disciples of the dawn.

From Iris Virtual Reality you get to visit a world like ones seen in 80's movies like Blade Runner. Gameplay shown in the trailer is you flying through the skies in a ship as well as exploring locations and wielding a gun. This title is called Low-Fi.

The next VR game shown is a part mobile game, part VR title in Acord: Attack of the Squirrels. The VR player will be a tree defending their acorns, everyone on their mobile phone will be working to collect acorns around the world. This party game will allow you to easily connect with a number of friends. This game will be coming out to Oculus Rift and Quest in 2019.

the walking dead: onslaught

Moving away from wholesome titles, The Walking Dead Onslaught for VR made in partnership with AMC was shown. In this game, much like the comic and TV show, your aim is to survive the zombie apocalypse. as you play you'll upgrade your character enabling new perks. Melee combat will also be a big part of The Walking Dead allowing people to grapple and stab at the zombies. The Walking Dead Onslaught will be available in Fall 2019.

Much like all of us do anyway the next VR title has the player simply destroying both the world around them and themselves. After the protagonist Rockstar dies you wind up in hell and are able to buy a variety of new weapons to bring back to the world of the living and continue destroying. Hotel R'n'R will be in early access to August 29th.

Greg Miller was up next to talk about Mini Mech Mayhem for the PlayStation VR. This game is a tabletop strategy game where you set up your mechs and their movements and then watch them all go. It's your aim to destroy other mechs as well as make your way to the goal. There are a variety of customization options for not only your mech but also your avatar. There are AI characters that each have their own personalities. The game will release on the 18th of June and can be pre-ordered now.

From Dark Curry Games we're once again in a medieval world. After stumbling his way into a new down the protagonist finds a warrior with glowing eyes hunched over a body. After crossing blades and successfully decapitating your opponent, you try to explore the village. As more enemies attack in Undead Citadel, it also seems that weapons have durability.

For PSVR there's a brief sizzle reel for Siarento VR, Angry Birds VR 2, Drunken Bar Fight, and Pixel Ripped. For a final VR game in the sizzle reel, Golem will have a physical release at launch.

Vertigo Games is showing off Arizona Sunshine for the Oculus Quest coming 2019. This will be the same experience people are used to.

arizona sunshine the damned dlc vr e3 2019

Dance Central is a VR title that allows fans to come into VR and dance with their avatar and online with friends. Fitness is a big part of the experience so they're adding a calorie counter. As well as having human challenges there are also AI challenges. There are going to be more tracks added in DLC

Ready at Dawn announced that Echo Quest and Echo Arena will be playable on the Oculus Quest. Lone Echo 2 will continue the storyline of the original title. Lone Echo 2 is meant to reinforce the feeling of family between the two characters.

Helm Presystems trailer next showed a knight adventuring through forests and cities, riding horses and dragons and getting all kinds of loot. This game looks to be an open world medieval RPG adventure. This title will be The Soul Keeper VR and doesn't have a release window as of yet.

Space Team Virtuality is a new title from Cooperative Innovations brings the mobile experience to VR with 2 to 6 players. You'll be required to shout to each of your friends to do various tasks. Alpha testing will be opening up soon and the developers hope to not only get it into homes but also VR arcades.

Later this month new songs and feature will be added to Audica. This includes more songs as well as custom community maps so that people can get a new experience as the game continues to be worked on.

Asgard's Wrath from Sanzaru games you're tasked with a variety of quests by Loki across the realms. While the game is an action-oriented brawler you're also able to combine animals and humans to problem solve, the example shown in the game is creating a shark-human. This title will be available later this fall.

rogan: the thief in the castle

From Smilegate Entertainment you take up the mantle of a female knight through a castle. In the trailer, we see various types of problem-solving tasks and a narration describing the plot. Also including stealth segments, it's your aim to stop the traitors amongst the high ranking officers. Your Lord Conrad was assassinated and you were framed for it. While not as upfront in the gameplay style there seems to be an emphasis on planning your encounters. Rogan: The Thief in the Castle is the title of the game. Available Summer 2019.

If you're not in VR for a battle then the next game is you. Starting on an island you are able to raise creatures and plants on an island of your own. Each of these living creatures has requirements in order to prosper. In order to get input on making the game the best one that they can Garden of the Sea will be released in "Way too early access."

Arizona Sunshine - The Damned DLC UploadVR E3 2019

Vertigo Games is back up again to show off gameplay of Arizona Sunshine - The Damned DLC. Moving away from the hot sun this DLC takes you into an underground facility where the Zombies are as prosperous as ever. The date 8.27.2019 appeared at the end of the trailer for the release of the DLC.

Hammerhead is up next to show off the sequel to the VR movie title Abe. There will also be a game that can be played with or without VR. While there's no release window they do say the game is "Coming Soon."

Espire One by Lode is up next. This made for VR stealth shooter came originally from the idea of needing a game like Splinter Cell or Metal Gear Solid on the VR. This game will be available on all VR platforms. For this game, a new movement system was developed to try to reduce any kind of motion sickness. Each mission will take 30-40 minutes but can be stopped and picked up at any point in the process. Espire One will come out this August.

First Contact Entertainment's new title is a fast-paced multiplayer shooter. Solaris Offworld Combat gave no info more than that it's coming soon.

Fast Travel Games showed off a beat-em-up game where it's your aim to navigate around the map and take out robots. Budget Cuts 2 Mission Insolvency is this title. From the original title, the signal will be bigger and better than ever. While the goal of 1 was to save your job you're now trying to save the world. This game will be out this year for all PC VR Headsets.


For the "big finale" Cloudhead Games showed off a trailer for Pistol Whip. This title is a mix between shooter, bullet hell, and runner title. Your character will continue to move forward through the scene forcing you to react fast not only to enemies that you should shoot but also dodging. The mentality behind it was to make a game that almost makes you feel like you're in a John Wick trailer. While it's not a rhythm game they developers are expecting that people will end up finding their own flow in the game.

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