Laws of the Night Studio Partners with Renegade Game Studios

Published: June 22, 2023 2:08 PM /


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By Night Studios recently launched a campaign on Backerkit for Laws of the Night. It was a crowdfunding campaign meant to update and modernize the LARP system for Vampire: The Masquerade. The book would update not just the various vampire clans to match Vampire: The Masquerade V5, it would also include new content meant to bring more people into the LARP hobby. Not only was the Backerkit campaign successful, By Night Studios has partnered with Renegade Game Studios to co-publish the book going forward.

Laws of the Night and Renegade Game Studios Partnership

The Backerkit campaign for Laws of the Night was extensive. The project promised a streamlined and balanced rules system, detailed settings for Camarilla and Anarch-based games, high-definition artwork, as well as support material for creating stories. The campaign began on May 18 with a goal of $25,000. That goal was reached within two hours of the campaign going live. It ended June 17 with $111,165 funded, more than four times its initial goal, with plans to ship books to backers in Q4 2023. This great demand is understandable since the last major version of Vampire: The Masquerade LARP rules, VtM: Mind's Eye Theatre, was released in 2013.

But it seems Laws of the Night will have more financial support going forward. In an official post, Renegade Game Studios announced that they would be partnering with By Night Studios to greatly expand the distribution of the book. Part of this partnership is a co-publishing arrangement supporting all future World of Darkness V5 LARP books in the future. By Night Studios will continue to head creative on their books while Renegade works to expand distribution into new channels through sales and marketing initiatives. All of this is being done with the ultimate goal to make all future LARP books more available to a wider audience. Given the recent push of World of Darkness properties, this is not unheard of for the series.

“We’re really excited to be able to partner with the By Night Studios team. The World of Darkness LARP books have a strong history in the hobby games market. Bringing them back to stores and working together with BNS and Paradox to better align all content in the RPG and LARP space is a huge win for players.” said Scott Gaeta, President & Publisher at Renegade Game Studios.

 At the time of writing, there have been no changes or updates to the shipping date or distribution for Laws of the Night.


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